Sunday, March 5, 2017

C/1LT Kasprzak Goes to Washington! #NLD2017 #CAP #CivilAirPatrol

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 So proud of Alyx and all of his accomplishments, he was one of only 6 cadets from Michigan Wing Civil Air Patrol to travel to Washington for National Legislative Day 2017. They also got to sight see and get some behind the scenes opportunities that only a few get the privilege of doing. This opportunity is something Alyx has had on his list of CAP goals since he first joined CAP. He applied last year but was not chosen but all that did was make him more determined to make it happen this year and HE DID IT! He has learned over the last few years with CAP, that when you do not achieve something it is not you are not able it is YOU NEED TO WORK HARDER and it will happen later.
They had an opportunity to chat with a Tomb Sentinel and they also got to meet the horses that pull the coffins in the funeral processions to Arlington National Cemetery. They stayed with a retired Colonel, and were treated to dinner out in the underground Mall. They visited a few of the memorials and Mt. Vernon and on the drive home they stopped in Pennsylvania at the Flight 93 Memorial. He highly recommends a visit there to everyone. I am sure he has more pictures but these were all he has posted so far.

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