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Zonderkidz The Beginner's Bible Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2017

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   When my boys were little the last thing I thought to get them was a Bible, in hindsight I wish I would have had a bible like The Beginner's Bible from ZonderkidZ. Starting the kids off at an early age with their own Bible is a wonderful way to keep them on a strong journey of faith. I was so excited to get the opportunity for this review as I had just received an invitation for a friend's daughter's baby shower that is tomorrow actually. We were requested in place of a card to bring a book dedicated to the new baby boy. What better book to give than THE BOOK, a Bible perfect to start the wee one on his journey towards God. I know I would have cherished a gift like this for my baby shower back 20 years ago.

    The Beginner's Bible selling for $16.99 has been recently updated with beautifully and vibrant new 3D illustrations and is a full book with 512 pages.

 I was simply in awe as I flipped through The Beginner's Bible at the detail of each story of the bible. My favorites that stood out I found were some of the same ones that were my children's favorites when they were younger. The story of Noah is and will always be my all time favorite. The animals are simply adorable in the pages of the story of Noah within this child friendly Bible. I love how they depict Noah with his hands outstretched towards the heavens with the animals relaxing on the grass.

My second favorite story is the story of Jonah and the Whale. These colorful images seem to jump off the page like the whale jumping from the ocean in the story. I love how the illustrations add to the stories themselves. What child would not love to sit down each evening at bedtime for story time with a Bible like this. I could envision my kids as youngsters eagerly awaiting story time if they had The Beginner's Bible in our library back when they were little. 

I feel this is a good choice for any age beginning with baby up to middle elementary school, although the recommended age is 6 and under by the publisher. This can be adapted as the child grows from you reading to them to them beginning to tell you the stories by using the pictures and reciting from memory in their own way. Then as they begin to actually read they can read the easy text that is worded in language that is easy to read and comprehend. You will go through more than 90 stories with your kids. There is also an added curriculum component that is available for purchase as well. This then could be used as Bible time during homeschooling lessons or on the weekend for your child that is in a more traditional school setting. This is a book that will grow with them and hopefully be kept as a treasure to pass down to their own children. Being a hard covered sturdy book it will hold up for many years to come. 
Purchasing The Beginner's Bible from Zonderkidz would be the perfect way to start the New Year off right with your littles. If you are like me and do not have littles in your home anymore, think about purchasing one for the perfect gift, baby shower, baptism, birthday or just because. 

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