Monday, January 30, 2017

What would you do?

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    Recently a friend had an issue with her middle school daughter who is in Public School. The issue was her daughter never received her message that she needed to go to latchkey due to her cell phone battery dying. So she exited the school and waited for her ride and when it did not come and she was the last one left she tried to get back in the school. Only it was locked... A couple of teachers came to the door and she asked to be let in and was told no that she could not come back in once she exited. Not even to make a phone call. Her daughter in 20 degree weather was outside for over an hour. She was curled in a ball when the mom arrived and sobbing. Mom took her home she was shaking from the cold and continued to shake for a couple hours and ended up sick. The initial call to the principal was not anything short of  I hear your concerns but that is the policy. The next day with a clearer head Mom calls the school back and gets a call back that they will look into it. Now I know that myself having had my son who was sent outside in the cold of February when he had a documented health issue that was life threatening due to cold temperatures was the straw that broke the camels back and the deciding factor for finally pulling him from the school to homeschool. Our homeschool anniversary is coming up on the 10th of February so this is an extremely sensitive subject with me. What would you have done, mind you there have been multiple issues over the last year and half of her daughter being in this school. How would you have handled this and what would you expect to be the reaction of the school in regards to this matter? Do you feel that the policy is warranted? Do you feel it should be changed?

    It scares me to think what could have happened to this girl in this hour that she was alone. God definitely had his hand on her for sure, but it could have ended so differently. What would it take for you to say enough is enough. I know many people felt I over reacted when we pulled both of our boys from the schools but I knew in my heart I did what I needed to do and today that decision is very apparent every day. It is sad that there has to be policies in effect for these types of things because there have been issues that made them necessary. What if you were a teacher and you saw a student out in the cold, crying and all she needed was to call for a ride. Should you be afraid you could lose your job for breaking the rules. Isn't a teacher's #1  priority to protect the students? Would you be able to turn away from a child needing help because of rules?

  As a mother this whole thing makes me mad and feeling that there needs to be changes made so that this type of thing never happens to another student. How can we help to change things to that schools are like they used to be? I grew up with a parent working for the public school system that I went to, the same exact middle school that this happened at was the middle school I went to many moons ago. When I told my Dad the story he was appalled. He could not believe there was such a rule in place and that things had changed so much since he retired a less than 10 years ago. He was sad and outraged. That made me mad too. He loved working for the schools but how they have changed I do not think he would still have those same feelings. I was never anti school until we felt like we were the enemy standing up for our children and trying to advocate for them. Schools should be there to help the student not the bottom line. How do we change this?

  I think ahead to my grandchildren, what will schools be like for them. I shudder at the thought when I hear things like this story that are happening now, what will it be like in 10 more years. When will all the madness stop in this world. I am thankful that for now we only have a few short months left and I for awhile will not have to give schooling another thought but then I think about the future and my grandkids and it makes me sad to think about it. All I can do is Pray.

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