Friday, January 6, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up!

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  I think I am going to try to post a quick weekly wrap up to touch on the highlights of our week.
Since I use this as our sort of family scrapbook of sorts and have the posts printed into a book each year, I guess I better get on the ball around here.
 One of my resolutions Goals for the year is to blog more regularly now that life seems to be settling down for us. I won't say that too loud as it always seems to change.
                                            1. Christmas wrap up, all the Christmas was put away Thursday and the tree to the curb since it was trash day and we did not want to have it around a whole other week. Time to start the Valentine Decorations, I love decorating for all the holidays and now with a bigger space it is even more fun and I found that I am lacking in the Valentine decorations so I am going to be making some new ones this weekend, starting with a burlap heart wreath. I will be sure to post photos once it is complete. Alyx scored all the new packs of Christmas lights in the photo for 90% off plus his added employee discount so basically $1 a pack. I also got a 4ft. prelit tree for next year for my Disney tree. I haven't had a separate Disney tree since before our garage fire. I feel like I finally have gathered enough to start with a small secondary tree.
I think I may have mentioned previously that I was getting an Air Fryer from my parents for Christmas. To say the kids and I are obsessed with it is an understatement. We have made mozzarella cheese sticks and taquitos and corn dogs up until yesterday but then I got adventurous and we made Air Fried chicken and as you can see by the picture below it turned out perfectly. Pushed the chicken button and 20 minutes later perfect crispy fried chicken. OH MY! Goodness. I am hooked. 

Alyx is changing uniforms for CAP, they are going with the Air Force Camo, ABU. So this means sewing all new patches on the new uniform. Not my favorite thing to do. My favorite question when sewing CAP patches, "Is this correctly crooked?" Good grief, 1/8in rollover and measured this much from this seam and parel 1 inch from this seam. Makes me crazy. But it is all so worth it in the end. Happy Alyx is a happy Momma. The good news is he promoted recently to 1lt. So patches should not need to be changed for at least a couple of months from now when he promotes to Captain. I am so proud of his accomplishments.

That seems to be all the highlights for this week. Have a great weekend and keep warm.

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