Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Getting back to business

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I took a long Hiatus off of working my business, between Grama passing, and the Summer and then moving it was just too much to add to my plate. I did an occasional order by request but usually did not share so that I would not get flooded with more orders. Life is finally feeling normal for the first time in many many months and A friend needed some help with some onesies for gifts so with her help we designed 7 different files for 10 onesies and they turned out adorable and seemed to be just the thing to get my creative juices flowing again. I have missed it but was truly just in a funk of being overwhelmed and full of grief. I am finally feeling like me, and boy does it feel so good. The house is pretty much the way we want it, there are a few boxes still needing unpacking but I work on a few a week and that is ok, they are not out in plain sight and I am not feeling pressured to get to them.

 My craft closet is coming along, and the decor is coming together, I need to get my curtains sewed and my chairs painted and my bench cushion made for the kitchen but I will get to that and I am ok with it the way it is for now. The chairs I think I will wait until spring so I can get outside to sand and paint them anyway.

I am officially signed back up to teach two classes at our co-op in March for the Spring session, I cannot believe Taylor will be finishing up his last two months of school when the session begins. It sure does seem surreal. I did not realize how much I have missed teaching and all of our co-op friends until I filled out my class app and syllabus last week. I am so excited to be teaching a new craft class as well as returning to teach another high school sewing class.

I am excited for the projects I have in mind and cannot wait to see everyone each week.
Here are the onesies Bonnie and I made, they turned out so adorable.

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