Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Creating A Masterpiece Review #HSReviews #homeschoolart

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Creating a MasterpieceCreating a Masterpiece

   Out of all my boys, Taylor is my one that has always been drawn to Art. He loves creating and has always been drawn to more professional type art classes even at a younger age. So he was pleased as punch to get the opportunity to review Creating a Masterpiece which has multiple levels of Art projects to choose from to fit all ranges of Skill levels. We were given the Monthly Plan for Taylor to work with.

   Taylor likes to take a project and put his own spin on things, a little creative freedom, this is where our local homeschool art class did not suit Taylor as everyone had to do the same thing, He has found that at home art classes whether on the computer or in a book are more suited for him.

   He started with a beginner project but looks forward to progressing into the more advanced levels as he gets back into his art groove, he took a long hiatus from last school year and was just looking to get back into when we were offered the review. He chose to do the Sailing Adventure piece that uses charcoals. Charcoals are something Taylor had dabbled with but was looking to dive a little deeper into using them and using them the proper way.

  When you log in to your account you click the project that you would like to tackle, so for us Taylor started with Sailing adventure. There are several components for each project. There is a picture of what the finished piece should look like, There is a complete list of supplies that you can download and print as well as a shopping link to order the supplies from dickblick.com, we had most supplies and chose to buy the rest at our local art shop as we like to shop in person. This is completely up to you.

 There were 3 video classes for this project all in length 5-8 minutes. The teacher Sharon Hofer is a pleasant, soft spoken woman. Taylor says "very teacherly, in a good way".There were tips for when you are actually drawing, when evaluating your project as well as protecting your project when you are finished. Taylor found these hints particularly helpful, especially when using mediums you are not used to using like in this instance the charcoal.

   Some of the supplies needed for this project were, Drawing Paper, Vine Charcoal, Fixative Spray, Kneeding Eraser. Nothing too extreme or hard to find. I like supply lists like this, straight and too the point. Makes gathering the supplies so much easier in our busy life.  Taylor was particularly drawn to the Sailing Adventure as we just moved closer to the lake and are using many nautical elements to decorate our new home. We can walk to the lake just 3 houses down and across the road. It is a beautiful and calming area and we like bringing those elements into our home.

  These art lessons are set up in a manor that all level 1-5 classes are 3-4 parts, so working on Art just one day a week, each project should take no more than a month. You could easily do Art more than once a week I know we did that when the boys were younger. Being that it is Taylor's Senior year he is trying to keep his workload as light as possible and keep it all balanced along with his job. I like that this is self paced and can be done as often as you want and you just click the next lesson in the project area.

   There are projects for all types of art mediums, as we tried charcoals, there are acrylics, carving, glass mosaics, silk painting and wood burning as well as many others. Taylor is looking forward to continuing with Creating a Masterpiece ans expanding his art supplies as he moves through the courses. I am excited to add more of his art work to our new home..

Monthly Access is $39.99 a month for your whole family to have access to all of the projects, 144+ lessons in all,  they also have a yearly price of  $349 and an individual level price for all projects within a level, this is $119
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Creating Beautiful Art at Home {Creating A Masterpiece Reviews}

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Celebrating Manhood Review #hsreviews #celebratingmanhood

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Home School Adventure Company

Celebrating Manhood a Rite of Passage Guide
                                                    digital copy 14.95 print edition $18.95
Hard to believe we only have one "child" left, One boy turning into a man. I was searching for something different to "send" this one off to the world. I was so excited when offered the opportunity to review Celebrating Manhood, a rite of passage guide from Homeschool Adventure Co. written by Stacy Farrell.

  Having never really made a big deal of our boys becoming men, I felt a pull from God to make this last son turning to man a more significant event. Maybe more for me than him, but needing to nonetheless. "How?" I wondered. Then comes along this well written book about the journey of a boy into young adulthood and becoming the Man God chooses him to be.

     This book is a blueprint of sorts on how to plan the prefect event that will signify your son becoming a Man.I thought to myself this is just what I have been looking for. So I started to read and I was immediately put into daydream mode. I love planning events and this would tie in perfectly with this boy of mine and his graduation. So I set the date in motion in my head, we are going to execute this event the night of Graduation, it gets done early enough and it is a special day anyway.
  Now the author suggests this is done at age 14-15 but I truly think it is perfect for that age up to turning 18. Senior is absolutely perfect in my eyes.
   Included in this book is the story of the importance and significance of this special rite of passage in your son's life.
A sample Menu, invitation ideas and suggestions on who to invite, this will vary from family to family,
  In our house Male Mentors have been a huge importance due to my husband's mental illness but I feel it is important to included men from all aspects of the young man's life, in our case that would be Dad, God Father, important male influences such as our good family friend Eric and uncles and Grandpa. Along with big brothers, as well as important members of our church family like our Pastor.
        Question cards as well as how you the Mom should play an important role in this evening.  For the question cards I plan on including them in the invitations to the special guests so they can ponder them ahead of time. I would like to have them write out their answers so that Taylor can keep them forever. So he can always look back on the wisdom even when these important men in his life are gone from this Earth.

      I want this to be a separate event from his actual Grad party, so doing this on Graduation night seemed more intimate to me as we are very selective who we invite to this event. I want Taylor to be able to focus on the importance of the event.

  I am so excited to host this at our new home around our new huge dining table that I got from the boys at Christmas. It will have the intimate feeling I am looking for.
   I am still planning the menu and decorations I am making myself as well as I am working on small keepsake book for each of the important men in Taylor's life as well as one for Taylor himself, my hope is to add photos from Graduation and the special evening as well as include the question cards from our guests. My hope is that Taylor will remember this evening forever and truly gain from it all that I hope and pray for. I want all of my boys to realize that becoming a MAN is a huge milestone in their life and I hope that they all if they have boys when they are married will follow suit and do a similar special evening for their boys who are becoming Men.

 I think this would be a fabulous inspiration to turn this into something similar for girls turning into young women as well. I am so excited to execute this event and I am praying over each decision I make regarding the evening, but also being very careful to keep it TOP SECRET! I will be sure to post photos of the event after it is over on May 5th.

  This is an easy read but I warn you it will immediately get your brain swirling with ideas if you are anything like me, sometimes all I need is that spark to ignite the fire within me. I am so excited to make this happen and I am thankful for all the people in our life that will help make it the event I pray it will be.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wordless Wednesday CRAZY WIND #windstorm2017

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

C/1LT Kasprzak Goes to Washington! #NLD2017 #CAP #CivilAirPatrol

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 So proud of Alyx and all of his accomplishments, he was one of only 6 cadets from Michigan Wing Civil Air Patrol to travel to Washington for National Legislative Day 2017. They also got to sight see and get some behind the scenes opportunities that only a few get the privilege of doing. This opportunity is something Alyx has had on his list of CAP goals since he first joined CAP. He applied last year but was not chosen but all that did was make him more determined to make it happen this year and HE DID IT! He has learned over the last few years with CAP, that when you do not achieve something it is not you are not able it is YOU NEED TO WORK HARDER and it will happen later.
They had an opportunity to chat with a Tomb Sentinel and they also got to meet the horses that pull the coffins in the funeral processions to Arlington National Cemetery. They stayed with a retired Colonel, and were treated to dinner out in the underground Mall. They visited a few of the memorials and Mt. Vernon and on the drive home they stopped in Pennsylvania at the Flight 93 Memorial. He highly recommends a visit there to everyone. I am sure he has more pictures but these were all he has posted so far.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wordless Wednesday Ready for St. Patty's Day! #luckoftheIrish #StPattysDay2017

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Throw Back Thursday!! #babyofthefamily #lastborn #graduate2017

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   Reminiscing over Taylor looking for a baby picture for the CO-OP yearbook for Graduate page. How is it that I am doing this just this one last time, It is so very bittersweet.
9 mths old 

                                                                     16 mths old

                                                                          18 mths  old

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Updated Family Pictures... Finally! #AllGrownUp #WhereDidTheTimeGo?

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We finally after 8 years got new family pictures taken, it was a birthday present to my Mom, she has been asking for many years. We did a all in one photo shoot, some with my parents, some with just us and Alyx in his uniform now that he is an officer and A couple for Taylor's Senior pictures, I forgot how hard it is to coordinate everyone's clothes. I think we did pretty well though. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Business Adventure or Revisited I Guess You Could Say! #TupLove #KraftyTupperMom #Tupperware

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I have been Tupperware consultant in the past and it something that I seem to be drawn to. Now that we are almost done with Homeschooling I have been looking for a business that is not crafting, I find that my craft businesses when doing them full time take the fun from my hobby. So while I am still doing tshirts by request I am focusing my business efforts on my newly rejuvenated Tupperware business. I am off to a great start and I am excited to see what God and Tupperware have in store for my family. If you would like to check out my Tupperware website or facebook page please check out the links below.