Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How is Christmas almost here? Wasn't it just Summer?

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  Here I thought Alyx's Senior year flew by, but here we are almost Christmas and only a little more than 5 months from Taylor Graduating. Can we rewind a bit? Between moving and the holidays I can honestly say the last couple months seem like a blur. It has helped keep my mind off of missing those that are not with us this Christmas season, especially Grama, that was until we decorated the tree. One of the first ornaments out of the box was the new one from last year with all of our family names on little owls and one of them says Grandma :(

   Time Hop keeps popping up pictures of our last move which was 4 years ago December 1, I really need to stop moving during the holidays. At least my house is always nice and clean and organized for company. Anyway sometimes I feel as though Time Hop is both a blessing and a curse, it reminds me of fun times but it is sometimes hard to see those that are no longer here, especially pictures of Grama. There are days when I find myself looking for her still, and then there are days when I am thankful she is not here suffering through her alzheimer's any longer. I miss her terribly, but I am thankful that she is in Heaven and no longer dealing with the dreaded disease that consumed her life.

  We are finally 97% settled in our new house and all of our wall hangings and photos are up, and most of the boxes have been dealt with except for a few tucked away in the closets. I am thankful we no longer have a leaky basement to deal with, literally every time it rained I cringed with what mess I was going to have to deal with cleaning up, but on the other hand I miss the extra space to stash things I did not want to deal with. I am glad though as it forced us to part with many things that we were just simply hanging onto. I feel so much lighter in so many ways with all the destashing we have done and I highly recommend it. I have 2 bins ready for the resale shop after the holidays and have listed some things on facebook garage sale groups and Letgo, not having much luck right now but hoping after the holidays it will pick up.

  I am super excited my new table Alyx and my Dad built me for Christmas is being brought over tomorrow morning. This leaves the dilemma of what to do with our current table until it can be sold. The whole not having a basement thing again, The garage is no help as it is full with stuff like tools, bikes, my scooter and Alyx's motorcycle and stuff to sell. If it wasn't in such good shape I literally would just put it to the curb but there is nothing wrong with it except the size for our family.
Praying it sells quickly .

    We focused on a couple things that everyone wanted and are keeping things low key as far as presents go, money is tight with moving and the kids thankfully understand. I think I stress about it way more than they do anyway.

  We had the CAP Christmas party and awards banquet last night and Alyx received the award for Emergency Services Cadet of the Year. He loves the ES aspect of CAP and it shows through all of his hard work and dedication.

   I am thankful for time off from watching Auntie to finish getting the house in order and to work on some crafts for the house that I simply have not had time to get to. I truly enjoy the time we spend together and I will miss seeing her everyday but boy did it feel good to not set an alarm clock today. Between my schedule and Taylor's and David's I have not had a single day to sleep in for several weeks. pretty bad that 8:45 felt like sleeping in but what a difference that little more than an hour can make. I felt refreshed and ready to tackle my to do list. I got just about everything done that I set out to do today and that felt amazing as well. I am hoping to do some freezer meals while I am off too, this will help for days that I work or have an event at night without turning to pizza or prepared foods that are not healthy.

   I am hoping to get back to Weight Watchers after the New Year as well, I have been weighing myself and trying to stay on program and I am happy to say I am down a couple of pounds since I stopped going when my pass expired. I miss my group and the support from the meetings and connect though and I know I would do so much better being back on Mondays at the meetings.

  Well I guess that is all the updates I have to share right now and hope you all have a Blessed Christmas and New Year's. I will be sure to post pictures of my new table before and after it is decorated for the Christmas weekend.

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