Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Adding a little personality to our home Made a big difference in my week.

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I have been in a little funk lately as far as wanting to unpack, something just hasn't been feeling right. I finally figured it out.... We just needed a little personal touches on the walls and around the house. Let me tell you, that simple task changed the whole mood of our home.
Bathroom is going Nautical since we are so close to the lake, starting with the shower curtain, some DIY coming soon.
Continuing with owls in the kitchen for a little whimsy and was so happy to find some with the turquoise that will be one of our main kitchen accent colors, best thing is I got these free with a coupon from Jcpenney that showed up in my mailbox yesterday, $10 off a $10 purchase!

  My crosses are back up and blessing this house, the exciting thing is I now have room for so many more. So if you are ever in doubt for a gift for me, a fun and or different cross will join my wall happily.

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