Monday, November 14, 2016

Not always our plan but ALWAYS GOD's plan!

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So we had planned to move to New Haven and get a new manufactured home but that was not God's plan. So instead we are moving to Harrison Township and we are loving it. The more that New Haven did not work out the more this new house we found seemed to fit more for our family. It is halfway in between our old house and Nick's new work. It is a shorter distance to Dave's work and Taylor and Alyx are only 15 minutes from work and we are only 15 minutes from my Mom and Dad and Auntie. Also this puts us in walking distance of metro beach and there is a fabulous park around the corner. The house has so much more living space. There is no fenced in yard but Alyx is putting in an aerial dog run and there is no basement so now I am able to do the laundry more and the kitchen is absolutely huge. No more moldy leaky basement and no more busy street with a school. I think this is going to be the perfect. Here is some moving pics to tide you over until we get settled.

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