Sunday, October 30, 2016


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   4 years.... This is the longest we have lived in any one house. This time it is not entirely my choice to move. Now don't get me wrong, I have been itching to move for awhile but when you get a notice that your crazy landlord is raising the rent from $950 to $1200 beginning December 1. It makes that itch a full blown attack of I want out of here. We are heading North again God willing to New Haven. A little bit of country is something I have been longing for. A sense of quiet and a reason to stay home more. All things are pointing us in this direction so I truly believe it is in God's plan. Nick got a new job and starts in 2 weeks and the new house will be just 5 miles away from his new job, Dave can transfer to a store close to the new house. My new job which starts Thursday is starting out as seasonal but if it ends up permanent after the new year I can transfer closer as well. It is a beautiful place and brand new. Everyone would have their own room, and I would finally have my dream kitchen. The bonus a family room and a living room. My craft room will share the family room. We are hoping to hear something tomorrow. PRAYERS PLEASE. We need and want this so much. Our family needs a fresh start, there are just too many painful memories here since Grandma passed away. This would be our first house in 12 years that she did not live in with us. While I am sad about that I have a renewed faith that she would want us to move forward and be happy once again.

   New adventures await us and I have Faith that God everything in Control.

                                          LIVING ROOM

                                            DREAM KITCHEN

                                               MASTER BATH

                                           MAIN BATH

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