Sunday, October 30, 2016


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   4 years.... This is the longest we have lived in any one house. This time it is not entirely my choice to move. Now don't get me wrong, I have been itching to move for awhile but when you get a notice that your crazy landlord is raising the rent from $950 to $1200 beginning December 1. It makes that itch a full blown attack of I want out of here. We are heading North again God willing to New Haven. A little bit of country is something I have been longing for. A sense of quiet and a reason to stay home more. All things are pointing us in this direction so I truly believe it is in God's plan. Nick got a new job and starts in 2 weeks and the new house will be just 5 miles away from his new job, Dave can transfer to a store close to the new house. My new job which starts Thursday is starting out as seasonal but if it ends up permanent after the new year I can transfer closer as well. It is a beautiful place and brand new. Everyone would have their own room, and I would finally have my dream kitchen. The bonus a family room and a living room. My craft room will share the family room. We are hoping to hear something tomorrow. PRAYERS PLEASE. We need and want this so much. Our family needs a fresh start, there are just too many painful memories here since Grandma passed away. This would be our first house in 12 years that she did not live in with us. While I am sad about that I have a renewed faith that she would want us to move forward and be happy once again.

   New adventures await us and I have Faith that God everything in Control.

                                          LIVING ROOM

                                            DREAM KITCHEN

                                               MASTER BATH

                                           MAIN BATH

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yearly Apple Picking trip

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   This year was a little different but it was better than ever. This year girlfriends were invited, Taylor's girlfriend Kelsey and Nick's girlfriend Brenna joined in the fun, and although one of the chilliest picking adventures we have ever had, the sun did show itself. We picked just over 60 lbs of apples in various varieties, had donuts and cider and when we were done at the orchard we went for pizza buffet lunch. This mom, who was worried venturing out with 5 teens from 17-19 enjoyed myself immensely. Everyone got along and we had many laughs while searching for the perfect apples. All in all it was a perfect day, although I vote for warmer weather next year. Once again I marveled in how life has evolved and yet we still maintain outer traditions they just adapt along with our lives. I can't wait for the future when we go with grandkids. We have a few years before that but it's fun to imagine. 
   Here's the photos from our day.

Monday, October 17, 2016

MomCon 2016

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Have you ever experienced so many emotions in one day that you become completely overwhelmed but in a positive way? That is MOMcon! Inspiration, spiritual awakening, love from complete strangers who suddenly become friends, exhilaration, compassion, kindness, laughter until it hurts, and exhaustion, and so much more, this is what MOMcon is. I left feeling inspired to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to sharing the light of Jesus. We need to introduce Jesus as if he is our best friend and we should want to share him with everyone we come into contact with because if he is such a good friend to us wouldn’t we want everyone to have that same feeling of friendship? I know I do.

   There is so much that I learned that I have not had the time to even process it all. So many notes and ideas swirling inside my head. I am making it my goal to set aside time each day so that I can put all of these ideas and things I learned into motion and bring them into my daily life so that they become second nature.  One of my favorite things that I was part of was the #MVSKindness movement that started with our leadership training. I was reminded on how kindness has a ripple effect and one small thing can keep going and going with such little effort. Random Acts of Kindness that do not cost any money can change someone’s day, week, month, year or life! How amazing is that. This is the first thing that I am implementing into my daily life and I cannot wait to share this idea with all of you. One small act of kindness can make such a powerful impact and it is such an amazing feeling to be apart of something that starts small and keeps getting bigger and bigger and the feeling is so amazing that I cannot keep it to myself I want to share it with you, so that you too can have the feeling of being part of a giant ripple of kindness, you never know how or who it will impact but you may help guide someone to have that friendship with Jesus and that is the greatest gift of all. Join me at MOMcon next year, so that you too can experience all of these feelings wrapped into just a few short days and leave feeling like you have ignited a fire within your soul!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Never too old for a PJ party! #PlaJamaParty2016

Pin It Now!  This past weekend I attend my first PJ party with my planner group. I do not think I have laughed that hard in years. You know the kind, laugh so hard until it hurts. I was gasping for breath but in a good way. We got to be crafty, each table was a different make and take, we received SWAG bags full of fun stickers and other goodies. There was a swap table, food and fun and lots and lots of washi tape. #washiwasted
I cannot wait until next year.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wordless Wednesday LAZY DOG DAYS

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