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Eat Your Science Homework Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsreviews #hsmommas

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   Eat Your Science Homework? I was immediately intrigued. We could eat the boys' Science homework. This could be very fun. So of course I jumped at the chance, the hard part?, picking which book there is one for History, and one for Math and a couple others as well. I decided on Eat Your Science Homework Recipes for Inquiring Minds.  since we had been reviewing a lot of History lately and I wanted to give the boys a change. The boys love to cook and Taylor has been a lot more adventurous about eating new things so I thought this would be a perfect way to get him interested in some new foods.

Ann McCallum Books puts out these fun books that incorporate food and fun into learning. They are your choice of a paperback book for $7.95 or a hard covered book selling for $16.95 and are full of fun and whimsical drawings and step by step instruction with visual cues to help the younger folks. Explaining all the way how this recipe has to do with Science. Ann McCallum and Leeza Hernandez make these books fun and inviting for students to use the kitchen and foods to cook up some science, Leeza's illustrations are absolutely adorable.

  I liked how you really did not have to go in any particular order, we could pick or choose which Science Recipes we wanted to work on. So when it arrived the first thing we did was flip through the book, check out what supplies we needed for which recipes we wanted to dive right into and made our shopping list. Then we sat down and plotted out our strategy. We put all of the names of the ones we wanted to tackle written on pieces of paper and put them in a mixing bowl. How fitting right? Then we pulled them out one by one and this was to be our order that we worked on them. This helped to make it fair since the boys do not always agree.

 So first on the agenda we went over the scientific method and safety in the lab.Then we moved onto our recipe experiments. There was Atomic Popcorn Balls, Density Dressing and Veggie Sticks, Invisible Ink Snack Pockets, Loop, Whorl, and Arch Cookies, Sedimentary Pizza Lasagna, Black Hole Swallow Ups. I guarantee after doing these experiments and eating the delicious results they are sure to remember the scientific facts that go along with them. Having fun while learning not only creates fun memories for your children for years to come but they are more apt to remember what they learn while having all of this fun.

  My boys have proven to be very hands on learners so this is a wonderful addition to our classroom and Science curriculum. We have been having fun together and learning all at the same time and then we get to eat the yummy results and talk about what we learned in the process. We did the lesson and then cooked our experiment and then while we enjoyed the fruits of our scientific labor we went over the additional activities that were in my downloadable teacher's guide. We did activities such as finger printing, this included comparing our own to the rest of the family to see if there was any genetic traits among our fingerprints. My boys have been studying our genealogy so they were very interested in this, and we had done blood typing not too long ago. This kind of stuff intrigues them a lot so we enjoyed this activity thoroughly. There are vocab reviews as well, we did not focus a lot on this as they were geared for younger kids in my opinion. Eat Your Science Homework is great for elementary and middle schoolers for sure. My boys being in high school enjoyed the book and experiments but were a little too old for some of the extra activities. Despite this we did enjoy all of the experiments and I am looking forward to using this book to teach a class at my co-op in the spring maybe for 4-6 graders.  These would make a great Christmas gift for the hands on learner in your life. Be sure to click on the banner below and check out all of the crew reviews. We all had a choice of several books so maybe Science is not your thing, there is Math and U.S. History as well. Have fun eating your homework.

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