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Phonetic Zoo Level C [Starter Set] Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsreviews #hsmommas

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    Institute for Excellence in Writing has become a staple in our homeschool, I am always interested in adding in new products that they offer. I was offered the opportunity to review Phonetic Zoo Level C [Starter Set], phonics is something Taylor seems to struggle with so any added help is welcome. Making this an even better fit is that it is a self guided spelling curriculum. This works perfectly with how we now have our homeschool set up.

  The Starter Set includes the 6 CD set of lessons, a set of large flash cards and the Spelling Zoo cards, you then get to download a few goodies as well. These include, MP3 Audio files for on the go learning, or to download to your child's laptop or computer. The Phonetic Zoo Teacher's Notes e-book and a video of Spelling and the Brain by Andrew Pudewa.
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The Phonetic Zoo series has 3 levels, A, B and C. They are geared for students 9 years of age and older, or later elementary through high school. You can have your child take the online placement test to make certain which level they should start with as just because they are just starting it does not mean you automatically begin with A. So this is why the placement test is a key factor in determining where to start your child on their Phonetic Zoo journey. 
Taylor uses this 3 days a week, sometimes 4 depending on our schedule for the week. There is a CD that he listens to, which teachers him the lesson, this includes going over the rule and spelling the words for the student. After listening to the CD lessons, which come on a 6 CD set, he then had the opportunity to write the words and practice them and at the end of the week he would then take the test. If he did not master the test then he went back and reviewed again. If he had success at the test he could then move onto the next lesson.  This set up works very well for Taylor, giving him the independence he has grown accustomed to. 
Taylor also happens to also be an auditory learner, so being able to not only read but hear his lessons has been just the thing to help him be on the road to mastering spelling and phonics. I have seen a huge improvement in not only his spelling abilities but his willingness to perform spelling and phonics. Taylor has always struggled with certain areas of school work and when he struggles he tends to be combative. I have seen huge gains in this since beginning using IEW products and Phonetics Zoo is no different. 
It is recommended to listen to the audio lessons with a headset, we happen to use such a headset often for different types of programs so we had one handy. If you do not you can get one nowadays pretty inexpensively. If you have a 5 Below closeby it is a great place to shop to pick up items that you may need for curriculum such as this. 
Anytime I can get Taylor to get all of his work done in a timely matter, is a winning day for me. So when we find curriculum that works in this favor I tend to stick with them. IEW is definitely one of those curriculum companies. 
Using the flashcards adds that manipulative factor into the learning process as well, this is another area Taylor craves in his school work. The flashcards are used in all levels but there are different choices for each level on the cards. Your child will complete 47 lessons and then take a final exam, this gives you a full year of spelling and phonics with IEW. So you can ideally get 3 years from the program if you end up starting with level A and go through them all. I am bummed we did not find this sooner but I am glad we had the opportunity to use it this year. The set sells for $99.00.
Please visit IEW on all of their social media channels and be sure to click the banner below to read all of the crew reviews, we all had our choice of levels and also a an option to choose the Resource Set.


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