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Drawing Around the World: USA Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsmommas #hsreviews

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 Brookdale House Review

  Sometimes the main core subjects can get a little boring, the same mundane bookwork each day. This can sometimes lead to power struggles over school work and it leaves everyone in a bad mood.
We were kind of feeling this way with our U.S. History and Geography studies this year. We just cannot wait to get through them. So when I was offered an opportunity to review Drawing Around the World: USA from Brookdale House I was curious to see if this would add a little spark back into Taylor's day.
 Brookdale House Review
The concept of this fun paperback workbook is that you learn and study the US states by memorizing and jotting down facts about each state and then learning to draw each state so that by the end of the book they are able to draw the whole map. They will know all the important facts of each state including the capitols. All while drawing and incorporating some fun and working on memorization skills. Taylor has a hard time processing things and memorizing them if he is just reading them, so this is very helpful as he is not only reading, but writing and drawing to burn it into his memory. 
Each day you repeat the drawing of the state you learned the day before and then build on it with the new state of the day. This kind of in a way reminded me of a verbal game we played as a kid, where you would say something that starts with the letter A and then the next player would then say the previous players item and then add and it would keep going until all the letters were said. The last person always had the hardest job. This works on the same concept. You start with one and by the end you are able to draw and recite capitols and state facts for all 50 states and Washington D.C.
I found it even helped me, can you honestly say that you can rattle off all of the states and their capitols?? I know I was a tad rusty, and I always find it helps the kids when I am in the thick of things learning or relearning in this instance right along with them. It is one of the areas that really cemented my love of homeschooling, because we are learning as a family. I do not pretend to know more than my kids and often times they are the ones teaching me.
There is nothing like seeing my boys faces light up when they have mastered something for the first time. I got to experience that again with Drawing Around the World: USA, Taylor was finally "getting" it. He was so proud of himself and the fact that coupled with his love of drawing made it so much better. We also loved how the lessons did not take much time at all. It was really easy to add it onto our daily lessons in our core curriculum. Just adding about 20-30 minutes a day 3-4 days a week depending on our schedule. 
We received the printed version of the book which sells for $25.95, you also have the  choice of an E-book version for $22.95. You also are pointed in the direction of some wonderful free and pocket book friendly resources that are very helpful in completing this workbook. We were amazed at how little we knew about some of the more not so talked about states, such as New Jersey and Rhode Island, or North Dakota. It is so funny that there were others we knew so much about, especially those we visited 3 years ago on our 21 day road trip across 16 states. It was fun to "revisit" those throughout this book and it helped us reminisce a bit about our awesome adventure. We also got the road trip bug again thinking of all the fun new places we would like to go an explore. Not sure when that is going to happen but it was sure fun to think about. 
I will definitely be ordering the companion book Drawing Around the World: Europe for our next History and Geography studies.  This sure is a fun way to add a new element to your school day. I feel this book is appropriate for a wide range of ages from elementary and up. The crew had the opportunity to pick from a wide range of offerings from Brookdale House, so be sure to click on the banner below and read all about them. Please be sure to visit all of the social media channels for Brookdale House as well. We are off to learn some new states, have a great homeschooling adventure today and always!  









 Brookdale House Review
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