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Do YOU Believe????? Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsmommas #hsreviews

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FishFlix.com Review no 2

     Family movie night! We love family movie night, it is one of the times we all come together and bond. There is popcorn and drinks and some other snacks. We watch, we laugh, we cry, yes even men cry. Then we discuss the movie. I was so excited for the opportunity to review a title from FishFlix.com. I chose a movie I had seen but the rest of my family had not. I feel this helps me when I have viewed a movie prior to the boys seeing so I am better prepared to answer their questions or concerns when they arise. So the title I chose was Do You Believe?  $10.99
FishFlix.com Review no 2

      FishFlix offers Christian movies that "Inspire and Entertain". I would totally agree with this. There are many titles that FishFlix has to offer that my family has had the opportunity to view and I have liked every single one we have seen. I feel it is important to share good quality movies with our family, ones that can enforce good character and teach valuable lessons. They can do this all while we enjoy the movie and then we can have thoughtful family discussions when it is finished. Many of these movies we watch over and over again, I love having a library of movies that I am comfortable with all of my boys watching and if we have younger kids over visiting they could watch too.

    Do You Believe? This movie asks you this very question and so much more, and packed with many well known stars that love supporting Christian movies, Mira Sorvino, Sean Astin, Alexa Penavega, Ted McGinley, Andrea Logan White, Brian Bosworth Lee Majors and Cybill Shepherd! My favorite is Sean Astin, he was one of the my ultimate teen heartthrobs back in my younger days. This movie comes from the same folks who brought us God's Not Dead! You become part of 12 peoples lives and you see how they all overlap into each other. Some work together, some run into each other, some go to church together. Some are saved, some are in between and some are not believers at all. You see throughout the movie how being a believer can cost you your job. Would you stand up for your faith even if it meant you would lose your job? It is a tough question.

   A mother who lost her husband and could not provide for her daughter, who had lost her way but because of a few generous souls found her way again. In this process it helps heal several folks.

An Atheist lawyer who gets saved by someone she tried so hard to destroy! The list goes on and on. There are many storylines that all end up in one. It is a movie that you gain from each and every time you watch it. Do not get up to grab a snack you will be sure to miss something for sure. Make sure you have everything you need before you start the movie and be sure to have tissues on hand as well. Make sure you have had your potty break before it begins also. You are not going to want to miss a single second.

   My family has watched this 2 times since receiving it and I am sure it will be watched many times to come. We have loaned out our copy to share this wonderful film with some friends. Everyone says the same thing after watching it. If you were not a believer before watching it, you most certainly will be changing your mind soon. If you were sitting somewhere in the middle you have made that leap of faith to the believer's side and if you were a believer it will just help you cement your faith much more.

I am excited to see more movies from FishFlix.com, I have made a list and will be ordering a few for Christmas for our family and for people on our gift giving list. You cannot go wrong with FishFlix.
The crew had several choices to choose from and if this doesn't sound like the choice for you be sure to check out all of the crew reviews to help find the right fit for you and your family. Simply click on the banner below and it will take you to all of the reviews.

  I hope you find the perfect movie for your family movie night! Be sure to follow FishFlix on their social media channels as well so you do not miss out on any specials or new releases.
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FishFlix.com Review No 2
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