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YWAM Publishing RONALD REAGAN Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsmommas #hsreviews

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YWAM Publishing Review
The first President I can remember in my life is Ronald Reagan, he truly was a Christian Hero in our society and politics and the leader of our nation. I want my kids to know what that means and so I was super excited to have the opportunity to review one of YWAM Publishing's books and study guides.  So of course I chose HEROES OF HISTORYRonald Reagan: Destiny at His Side,and the companion HEROES OF HISTORY CD - Unit Study Curriculum Guide Ronald Reagan. this was not an easy choice as there were many other titles to choose from including a new face to the race of Presidency, Dr. Ben Carson.

As we read the book the boys learned that Ronald Reagan was not only our 40th President, he was also an Athlete, an Actor and a Sports Announcer. We also learned that he was also a lifeguard of sorts, and that he came from a poverty stricken family but that with his family's faith in God they persevered and this is what he contributes much of his success to. Faith and Family. I loved that the boys could see what a deep Christian man's impact on our country was like, even though they were not witness to it. We prayed after reading the book that God would put another Christian with some of the same beliefs in the seat in the White House next year. Now I am not saying this to start a political war on my blog, this is however how our family feels. I am not one to get into political debates with others outside of our home. I do believe debates can be healthy if done so correctly. We often hold them right here in our living room. 

I think this opportunity came at a perfect time and I am going to be ordering the Dr. Ben Carson one so that we can contrast the two men. One from History and one from our current era. Having companies like YWAM that can give us and our students HISTORY from a CHRISTIAN perspective is so important in today's society and our homeschooling journey.  There are many other choices to choose one, if you are not much into politics you can choose one of the many other titles. This particular title is appropriate for ages 10 and up. You can purchase the physical copy for $7.50 on YWAM and you can also purchase different ebook versions as well. This makes it easy to choose which is best for you and your family. 
YWAM Publishing Review
The unit study as with any book, takes the book and dives so much deeper, this unit study is no exception to that rule. Giving you more information into the Biography of Ronald Reagan, Interviews with the Authors, Janet and Geoff Benge. Projects to add another element of learning. Giving you essay topics, and field trip ideas as well as printable worksheets and my favorite Service projects. There is a vast array of activities to take the book further and really get to know the person you are reading about. Study guide sells for $7.49 for the CD version and there are efiles available for purchase as well.

The interviews are in video as well as the reader reviews. I thought it was cool how the interviews were done with readers and patrons in a homeschool convention setting.  I know I have often passed the YWAM booth at both my little local convention as well as the big one I attend each year in Cinci. Maybe I will be one of the next interviews, who am I kidding I am way too shy for that. 

CD includes:
The complete
Ronald Reagan unit study curriculum
Detailed instructions for classroom, homeschool, and group use
Biographical sketch
Author interviews
reader reviews, bonus section, and more
You can download the study guide to your desktop this includes Maps, my boys particularly liked the added Maps they like to "see" where stories and people come from and take place. They are definitely visual learners. We enjoyed this historical adventure and the glimpse into President Reagan and his life before he became our 40th President and we look forward to diving head first into another YWAM adventure soon. 
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YWAM Publishing Review

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