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Stinky Kid Math Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsmommas #hsreviews

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Stinky Kid Math Review

     Math is a hard subject for Taylor, we try to do Math all year round at least a couple days a week so that he keeps it fresh in his mind. He has found that online Math is his preferred method of doing and learning Math. I was hopeful with the opportunity to review a course from the folks at  Stinky Kid Math called just that,  Stinky Kid Math and that this would be something "fun" and enticing for Taylor to use for the last half of our Summer schooling and hopefully continue to use it throughout the beginning of the school year as well. Being on the crew has afforded me opportunities to try out programs I may not have otherwise heard of and find just that perfect fit for my boys. While we like most everything we try some work more than others. Taylor has always struggled with Math so this is a tough one to find that Perfect Fit. We were given a 6 month subscription to give it a go!!

    So what is Stinky Kid Math?? This is an online Math program that although it can be a full Math curriculum, it is not certified as one if that matters in the state you live in. We are using it as a supplement now that school is in full swing, but in the Summer it was our stand alone Math course. I like that it is multifunctional like that. This is a resource that offers help and instruction in Pre- Algebra, Algebra and Geometry. It is a story based learning and teaches 4 questions that will help any student solve any algebraic equation. It is taught with the approach that even the less math minded students such as my Taylor that they can in fact master algebra.

  The website includes over 300 short, video lessons. printable PDF lessons and worksheets along with the answer keys and then games to practice the most common skills to help enforce the learning of the concepts taught. Games, this is a word Taylor thrives on... If it is fun I am more apt to get Taylor to be engaged and in the process he will be learning without struggling and some of it may sink in his noggin without him even realizing it. WIN!

  Now for $9.99 a month this can be an affordable helping tool for Math.  There are 3 ways to use the website. One: Search for the topic your student or even yourself needs to work on. This website is not only great for Taylor but it has proved helpful for me to freshen up on the skills I lack from being out of school for so many years. Be honest the average person does not use these skills on a daily basis. If you do not use skills you lose those skills. So why not brush up yourself and then you will be able to better help your student with their work and when they get stuck. I think this is a wonderful asset!!

The second way is to go through the program from the beginning to the end in order within the topics, such as Algebra. Then when you finish you go to the next topic. This is how we used it I had Taylor start with Pre Algebra and move on from their just to keep his mind refreshed through the Summer. Now that school has started he is just continuing on from where he was and will continue working until he hopefully gets through most of the lessons and videos of Algebra as well.  We typically spend about a half an hour 3 days a week on this. Now depending on how much your child struggles you can spend more or less time. It is up to you. We try to keep Math time to small chunks of time to keep Taylor's frustration level in check. This was the best way for Taylor as he would watch the video and then do the corresponding worksheets and then check his answers along with me so we could discuss how he did and what he needed to work on. If he had wrong answers, which happens often for him, we would go over them together.

The final way to go through Stinky Kid Math is to just start with the very first video and move through them one by one until you get to the end.

  No matter which way you choose to use Stinky Kid Math, be confident that the video lessons are high quality and fun and engaging. My son did not find them dull and boring, I think this has a lot to do with the fact that they are story based. It was like watching a show not listening to a boring teacher drone on and on. I have not had to beg Taylor to do Math work for the entire time we have been using Stinky Kid Math. Most often programs will start off good with him and then fizzle out, this has not been the case with this course at all. I am excited to see concepts finally sticking with him and the 4 Questions he has learned to put to use have proven helpful in his journey to mastering Algebra. We are not completely there yet but I do have Faith it is coming soon.

  The only negative is there is not "an APP for that". In the tech age we love using apps for on the go schooling and it would be a plus to have one for Stinky Kid Math!! HINT! HINT! but other than that I found nothing to not like about how this course is run and how it helps kids and adults learn!!

  If you or your students struggle or just need something a little extra to help them gain mastery of Pre- Algebra, Algebra and Geometry why not give Stinky Kid Math a try.
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Stinky Kid Math Review

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