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SimplyFun Educational Games Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsreviews #hsmommas

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Simply Fun Review

   Finding educational games for my older kids is sometimes a challenge, especially Math based games. We love using games to add some fun and healthy competition to our school days as well as add some learning into family game night. So when I was offered an opportunity to review a game from SimplyFun, I chose Shape Whiz that centers around Geometry concepts. Alyx is finishing up with Geometry and Taylor will be starting it this year but still has basic knowledge of it from previous years of Math. So I felt this would be both challenging and engaging for all of us.
Simply Fun Review

   Shape Whiz is geared for folks 10 years and older, perfect for older kids and parents alike. It sells for $24.00 and I love that it is a BIG game in a SMALL box so it does not take up a great amount of shelf space, something we always seem to be lacking. Our family is definitely a little competitive when it comes to games and we are especially fond of games that have a think fast element to them, helps to keep us on our toes and paying attention to the game.

  Focusing on 2D Geometry, Shape Measurements and Math Symbols this is both a great refresher and a reinforcement of skills learned. One of the things I liked most was that the games are short. Running 10-15 minutes we could throw a game or two in throughout or lessons to break things up. One thing my kids hate are games that drag on so this was a win-win for us all. There is no board to have to set up, just 2 decks of cards. So easy set up, short play time and fast clean up. I loved it before we even got started.
Simply Fun Review
Being that there is 2 levels of game play made it helpful to start with the basic shapes the first few times we played it so we could all get the hang of it and then after a few times we changed it up and made it a bit more challenging by adding the cards with more complex shapes on them. This kept the game interesting an added a bit of a challenging component to it. By starting with the basic shapes cards only it helped keep Taylor's frustration level down and that way he did not give up so easy and not want to play. He tends to give up before he even gets a feel for things if he feels they are going to be too hard. So I appreciated that there were two levels for game play to help avoid his frustrations. 
Each of us got 8 shape cards for the basic shapes version and 15 when we added both sets together for the more complex version. We then flipped over 3 of our cards in front of us so everyone could see. Alyx always started us out because he is our Math Whiz. He flips the Whiz card over and then we raced to see which of us had a shape card facing up to answer the question of the Whiz card. This can get kind of crazy as everyone goes to grab the right card at the same time. once one of us found a shape card that we thought was the winner it was then time for everyone else to chime in if they thought we were correct. This got interesting a few times as the boys love to just prove each other wrong. 
The boys loved to challenge each other and of course me, to prove that we had the wrong answer, it often backfired on them and they realized we really are smarter than then he thought. It was pretty funny when I would win. They forget I am their teacher therefor I know more than they think. 
After several rounds of fast paced play, the one of us who managed to get rid of our shape stack won! It did take a few rounds to truly get the hang of how it works but once we figured it out we play often as it is SimplyFun and simply quick. A great way to break up the monotony of our school work and have some healthy family competition. It is nice because so you only need a minimum of 2 players so if I need to take a break to check on Grandma or take a phone call the boys can play against each other without me. On the other hand we can play with 4 players and include Dad or my oldest son in the fun as well. I am fond of games with versatility and this is definitely at the top of my favorites, with 2 levels of play and the ability to play with 2 players or more, makes this a game that can be played in many circumstances and you definitely get your money's worth.
The step by step full color direction booklet was so helpful and made learning the game and setting it up a simple process, The principles of Geometry pages in the back helped when we got stuck on a Whiz question. 
It is small enough to take with us up to camp and not take up a large amount of space in our camper cupboards and fits well on our bookshelves of games at home in the classroom. We have had so much fun with this I am definitely going to be looking into some of the other games that SimplyFun has to offer. If they are have as fun and easy as Shape Whiz it is bound to be a fun, educational investment. 
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Simply Fun Review

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