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Prasso Ministries TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsmommas #hsreviews

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Teen Prasso Review
I am always on the hunt for Bible studies that are focused on my teens. There are so many for little kids and adults but often the teens get overlooked. Prasso Ministries has the answer to teen Bible study with Teen Prasso Teacher’s Manual and Teen Prasso Homework Manual.

We received both the Teacher's Manual and Student Homework Manual. We set our schedule to work on this Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. Our first order of business was to discuss the word Prasso! Prasso is the Greek word that means to repeatedly, continually, and habitually practice. Quite fitting when matching it with a Bible Study, don't you think? 
Love that the books are spiral bound, books that lay flat are our favorite. Nothing like trying to hold your book open while flipping though your Bible and then it closes on you. The book is set up into 13 lessons. We did the lessons on Mondays,Wednesdays and Friday . One of the things that I love is how each day is laid out for you. Day one, and so on,  so you know exactly what to work on each day. The text font chosen is perfect for teens along with the pictures, you can tell these books were designed with teens at the center of the whole thought process. Made to be engaging and not boring, the material pulls the teens in and helps keep their attention. There is a fictional story woven throughout the entire book, all 13 chapters full of lessons that can be used in daily life experiences. Some of the topics that are covered are... God's Love, anger, pressure, the enemy's lies and pride. There are other topics covered as well and one of the chapters focuses on making God's word a habit in our daily lives. Good habits are something I definitely want my teens to have. 
Teen Prasso Review
The student manual is more of a square shaped book, There are homework questions such as writing out certain Bible verses and then a discussion question about what the teen learned from that verse. Questions about God's power and knowledge and what this means to them. All of the lessons are written in a way that it helps teens put them in perspective and relation to their own lives. Like Chapter 4: It's All- Out War! Starting out the lesson by saying what if you knew that your house was going to be broken into tonight, you would arm yourself for battle, it then goes onto put that in relation to the enemy of our Faith. That really helps teens to think things through more clearly when they can align it with something that could happen in the hear and now. 
At the end of each chapter there is a Rethink page. Here the teens write a verse or thought for each of the previous days. Then the last page are group discussion questions. We used these for family discussion time, either at the dinner table or our weekly family circle time. This created a wonderful opportunity to really discuss the Bible and what they had learned in that chapter in the Bible study. 
I sometimes have a hard time getting the boys to express themselves and this truly helped open the floodgates of conversation in our home in a positive way. 
Teen Prasso Review
The Teacher's Guide is a full size spiral notebook style with an introduction on how to use the material in conjunction with the student homework journal and how to teach the materials in an effective manner. There are also instructions for group discussion leaders and how to deal with certain personality types that might come up while going through the study and how to manage those personalities in a positive way. This is helpful for home as well, as you never know the feelings that Bible studies such as this will stir up. In the Teacher's Manual is where the story is, We as a family read the story out loud. This was a wonderful family bonding experience.  On the side there are teaching tips. There are Message sections intertwined within the story as well, giving opportunity for prayer as well as focusing on key Bible verses. There is a message goal in the beginning that will give you direction of what the focus should be as well as a Key verse. This is all very teacher friendly with not much work on your part. You just follow along and it walks you through step by step. As my kids get older I find I prefer this style of teaching so much more, as life is just busy and this allows me to focus on other things instead of lesson planning per se. 
All in all we have been blessed by this opportunity to review this teen centered Bible study. It has opened the door for great in depth discussions as a family unit. My boys have been vigilant in their study of God's word as have I. It has refocused my attentions on repetition of God's Word and how it helps to keep us focused and grounded in our Faith Journey. We look forward to finishing this up by the beginning of Fall. Now to figure out what to do next when it is finished. 
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