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CursiveLogic TOS Review Crew Review 2015 #hsmommas #hsreviews

Pin It Now!      I get very excited when I get to bring you a review of a new product by a new company, as many of you have probably never heard of it. Even better is when it is a curriculum best kept secret that screams "tell everyone about me!" This is the case with CursiveLogic and their CursiveLogic Workbook.

   One thing that has baffled me was the fact that my boys were never taught cursive while they were in public school, We pulled them out in 5th and 6th grades respectively. I remember learning cursive in 2nd grade. You remember Handwriting class? I remember getting marked down for not having the correct slant and form. So my boys learning cursive has been put on me. We have used some curriculum here and there but Taylor my youngest still seems to struggle. Now I was not entirely sure if it was his lack of understanding or his poor fine motor skills due to his Asperger's Syndrome. One thing I knew I was not going to give up trying.

   I was excited for the opportunity to review a writing curriculum that I had not heard of nor had my homeschooling friends. Why? Well simply put I did not want to have a preconceived notion one way or the other.

   So fast forward to the day it arrived, a brightly colored spiral bound notebook. Engaging looking, hopefully Taylor would take the bait. Much to my surprise he did, the thing about Taylor is he wants to be able to do it but just gets so frustrated and that steals his confidence away. So I think he is in the same boat as I, in the fact that he wants to try just about anything so he can master this cursive writing.

  So with Taylor on board and him knowing he only needed to do this 2-3 days per week, we began the CursiveLogic curriculum. He spent 30 minutes to 1 hour, on average 3 days per week and the results showed after just the first day. It propelled him to keep with it and continue using it. There are some unique key features to CursiveLogic that I want to emphasize...

1. Letters grouped by shape: Four basic shapes make up the entire alphabet. CursiveLogic teaches all of the
similar letters in one lesson, greatly simplifying the learning process.

2.Letter strings: Rather than teaching letters individually, CursiveLogic teaches all of the letters that share a common shape in a connected string. This allows the letters to reinforce each other and means students are writing cursively from the very beginning.

3.Color coding: Each letter string has a theme color that helps students remember the shape.

4. Catch phrases: CursiveLogic uses “verbal task analysis,” or saying an action verbally as it is performed manually, to aid the development of muscle memory and to give students a mnemonic they can return to
over and over.

5. Real words: Because CursiveLogic teaches a group of letters in a single lesson, students can write real
words at the end of the first lesson. For some students, this immediate success is a huge motivator.

  It is truly amazing how using these key components allows a child even with poor fine motor skills the opportunity to be successful. Taylor following the easy steps and using the tools that were provided to him in his CursiveLogic notebook really helped set the tone for the experience he had and I am excited to say I think he finally has the swing of things. He has not mastered it yet but I can see a huge improvement, meaning I can read what he is writing and not have to ask him to translate and in my book that is HUGE!

   I hated when I would have to ask him to decipher his words in the past and sometimes he did not even know what he had written. It did not help his self esteem at all. It made him angry and combative about any type of writing assignment that was not done on the computer.

  Now I see him happily completing his handwriting assignments and coming to me with pride that he and I can both read his legible handwriting. I have loved every minute of it as I am sure he has too.
The investment of $29.00 is small and it will reward you and your student tenfold when you begin it all the way to finishing it. This is appropriate for children and adults alike. From the beginning stages of writing, or maybe perfecting your strokes to the folks that struggle with disabilities that it make task like handwriting very difficult. There are so many different types of folks that could benefit from this single program. It truly amazed me and my son and I pray it can do the same for you and your student or students as well.

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