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SmartKidz Media Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsmommas #hsreviews

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SmartKidz Media Review
Are you interested in finding safe video content that can be streamed anywhere,anytime? SmartKidz Media offers just that and so much more, We were given a one year subscription to their SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers you can get a membership too for just $99.00 per year. 
Here is a sample of what you get in your subscription. 
There are many categories to choose from and many more coming soon as well as more interactive games. There is something for all ages and this is totally fine to let children 13 and up have free reign over the choices but with younger kids you would probably want to use with your direct supervision. 
The colored tabs at the top of the page are the headings that when you hover over them they show you the all there is for that area. Take World of Discovery which is the purple tab to the left. This unlocks Science, History, Animals, Documentaries and Culture, as well as Nature and so much more.
There is also a tab for Quick Find Study Guides, this tab is the Green one. Here there are helpful study guides for Science, Math, Language Arts and Social Studies and coming soon, Accounting and Foreign Language. I am pretty excited for the Accounting one as I think that would go great with our Economics class in the Fall.

After you click which study guide you want to use then there are topics within the theme. You click one by one and it gives key points for the topic.

For example English Grammar. the first tab gives a brief overview of what Grammar is and then talks about how things are color emphasized in the following study sections with red and blue words. The next topic is about nouns. Your student is given the definition of what a noun is and then there are several sentences for examples for them to grasp or refresh the concept.

My boys particularly were excited about the vast array of History Videos. They started with the Cold War. There are 6 videos on this topic alone. 

The boys felt the videos were well done and they found them quite interesting and engaging. We were just beginning our Summer "school" schedule, this means lighter workloads and more videos and fun things, so this fit perfectly with that. I basically gave the boys free use of the site and let them explore and use it as much as they wanted. I found them watching many of the videos a few days per week. They were excited to see all of the coming soon categories and hope that they are all in place for Fall when we get back in the full swing of our normal school schedule. 

I feel this will be a valuable asset for finding videos with content that ties into what we are studying at any given time. I also feel the boys will utilize the study guides for many if not all of their subjects. I think Taylor will get the most use out of it as he needs refreshing for many of his subjects on a regular basis. 
I do feel that there is way more for younger kids, since mine are in high school these did not help us any but I could see many of our friends with younger kids getting a ton of enjoyment and use out if this. 
There are games and ebooks and songs and videos for all ages. I liked watching the ones about all of the animals. I love watching real animals in their natural habitat. 
In the games section there are some jigsaw puzzles that are interactive and are pretty fun, but a tad too easy for my boys or adults. Like I said though, there is plenty to keep them busy but definitely a wider range for younger elementary and middle school aged kids. 

I like how it can be streamed to any device. we use our ipad a lot so this is extremely beneficial. Using their online cloud you can add content and then access it on the go later. This will be great for car trips and camping. 

All in all we have enjoyed using the service that SmartKidz media offered us as homeschoolers and will continue to use it and look forward to all of the new content that they will be bringing us soon. By signing up for the newsletter I will always be alerted as soon as new content is added as well as being kept in the know of what else is new and coming soon. 
You can sign up for a 2 week free trial on their website and see for yourself how much is really there for all the different age groups and also to see what will be coming in the near future.
Visit SmartKids Media's social media links below as well as click on the banner to read all of the crew reviews. 

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SmartKidz Media Review
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