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Dynamic Literacy's WordBuild Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsreviews #hsmommas #

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JazzEdge  Review

 I am all about adding an element of fun to our schoolwork. This is especially helpful for my youngest son Taylor who is not so enthusiastic about school time.  This is more so with certain subjects like Language Arts and Writing.  I had never heard about Dynamic Literacy before but was intrigued by the items we were allowed to choose for our review. I decided on WordBuild: Elements, Level 1 Set (Includes WordBuild the Game).
JazzEdge  Review

   The recommended age for Elements is 5-10 which was perfect as Taylor just finished up 10th grade but is just on grade level with this type of work, so a little help through the Summer and the beginning of next year is just what he needs. This is recommended for remedial work for 7-12th  as well as for the 5-10th for regular work. I was particularly interested in this set as it not only comes with the Elements Teacher's Book, and the Student Activity Book but it came with an online game as well. Something we could all do together. Kind of like a healthy little competition to get Taylor motivated, he could also play against the computer in a timed race. He loves a challenge and he loves to win! So why not use this as a motivator. You just need to know your child's love language.
This curriculum focuses on the Greek and Latin word root, this is something that fascinates both my boys. So I knew we were on the right path before I even put it down in front of Taylor,
JazzEdge  Review

  I will start by explaining the Teacher's Edition, this is 336 pages of not just an answer key, you get the standard answer key and quizzes and test but then you get so much more, for instance a 25 page mini dictionary that correlates with all of the roots that the students are learning and refreshing about. The fun facts and alerts about each root is very fun. I loved sharing these with the kids. There is a weekly check up, kind of like a spelling test for root words. Then there is a very thorough test for midterm and a final. I thought this was fantastic, It takes the stress off of me having to create my own mid term and final for this subject. I am all about making my life easier.

  There are multiple units that review every prefix and suffix used. This truly does cover it all!! You will also get access to online content to give you bonus content. I love Bonus content. It is like getting the prize in the bottom of the cereal box. You never know what you are getting until you find it. I will leave this as a surprise for you, I want you to have fun discovering it just like I did. There is also some guidance on how to complete each exercise in the lessons. My boys are at the point in their schooling where I really try to let them navigate their studies on their own as much as possible, to prepare for college which for us is coming in 1 and 2 years. So I do not probably use and focus on the teacher book as much as most, but I did appreciate all of the content that was in the Teacher Guide, I used it more than most teacher's books. So for me that is huge. It was way more useful than most.

  Next I will tell you about the Student Activity Book. This is much smaller than the Teacher's book at only 156 pages, Which I was glad as I do not like to overwhelm Taylor with a HUGE workbook. If his book had been as thick as the teacher book, he would cried uncle immediately. So in this student book your child is going to learn all about the Greek and Latin root words as well as prefixes and suffixes. There are 4 activities for each root word. I had Taylor do one activity each day as well as we played the online game daily in conjunction with the activity. I did not want to spend more than 30 minutes on this each day as that is Taylor's limit for each subject he is not thoroughly excited about. Now if he wants to do more by all means I let him keep going. I would be simply crazy for stopping him, but by setting short times for these subjects it helps to keep him from feeling overwhelmed. This works for us but you can do it however works best for you. If Alyx had been using this he would have done all 4 activities in one sitting and been done for the week. You just need to know your kids and how they work. It took me a long time to figure this out, lol life would have been so much easier that first year or two if I had let my boys lead the learning like I do now. Can you say Peace and Harmony, Holy Smokes!! I am all about stressfree homeschooling whenever I can get it.

There was even root word bingo game boards. I could not convince Taylor to play but I feel like with some younger folks they would find it fun, heck I love bingo of any kind, I was already to play but nobody would play with me :(

Lastly I want to talk about WordBuild the Game, this is not a game you can play on your ipad or tablet. You need a real computer or in our case a windows laptop. This will also work for the Apple computer folks with Macs. I personally love word games and puzzles, my boys too. You take the root word in this game and add prefixes and suffixes and try to make as many words as you can before your time is up. The whole family got into this. We all took our turns and tried to beat each other's scores. This got extremely competitive and really helped build the boys vocabulary up. WIN! WIN!!
I swear even at their age of almost 16 and and 17 next month they still do not get that learning can be fun and fun can be learning. It is like I am still being sly. They played and they learned without really thinking about it. I LOVE when this happens. It is like I am Super Homeschool Mom without breaking a sweat.

  So in conclusion I give Dynamic Literacy and their WordBuild Elements a perfect 10! For $99.99 you are getting a full curriculum for grammar that focuses on the Greek and Latin word roots and all of the suffixes and prefixes and so much more. As well as the computer game that is just a whole bunch of fun for the entire family. I am definitely going to continue on using this until Taylor finishes the book. This is a keeper for our family for sure.

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