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CTC Math Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsreviews #hsmommas #hsmath

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CTCMath Review

    Math in the Summer months is more of a review, and during the school year I almost always looking for ways to refresh skills the boys, mostly Taylor (who needs extra Math help) have learned to keep them fresh in their minds. So I was curious to try out and review CTC MATH. A virtual  online Math Tutor of sorts. Covering all areas of Math from Kindergarten to Trigonometry. That is a very comprehensive span.  We were given the 12 Month Family Plan that is geared to homeschoolers.

   This program arrived just in time for us to begin our Summer schedule. Lighter workloads, more online refresher type programs and games and hands on learning. So first things first, how do you get started? You head over to CTC and either start your free trial or sign right up for a membership. You create a parent log in. Here is where you will add 1-10 children and create user names and passwords for each child. Make it something easy for them to remember. We always use something like part of their name and the last 2 digits of their birth year for the username and then our family school password. This makes it less confusing for the kids when we have multiple logins for online programs for school. Helps to keep us organized.

    You set the parameters as far as what a passing score would be and then you are set to have your kids login. Here they have an option, logging in on the computer which has a flash player installed or picking the other option which does not require a flash player and you are then able to log onto a tablet or ipad. This makes it great for logging in on the go.

  Once the children are ready to login they pick the level they want to start with, I started Taylor with Algebra I and Alyx with Geometry.  We used this 3x a week for the last several weeks and so far they are not frustrated or bored, this is something we often run into problems with in the first couple weeks. So I think it is safe to say this is a keeper.

   The student picks the level and then the section and then the teacher starts talking and showing step by step what the steps are for what they will be working on. Highlighting the areas on the screen. For Taylor this was extremely helpful. He is a visual learner through and through and this helped make certain things click that he has been struggling with wrapping his head around. If he needed something repeated that was not a problem at all.

 After the lesson was complete and a few sample problems were demonstrated it was time for the worksheet.  They clicked the worksheet button and it popped up on the screen. For my boys levels it was best to print out the worksheet using the handy printer icon at the top of the screen, after it was printed out they could click the answer input button and the answer box popped up on the screen. Since they printed the worksheet out they can then leave the answer input box up on the screen to easily enter their answers. This made it much easier to accomplish then going back and forth between screens.

     The boys and I loved how it gave immediate feedback so they knew what they got wrong. I also receive a weekly status report in PDF form that shows all of the data, for each day what their efficiency rating, for example 90-100, and 80-90 and so on down the line. Also tells if they completed the assignments on time, complete late or incomplete as in not finished.
How many lessons were completed total. This is very helpful to me as it makes inputting grades into our grades tracker for our transcripts so easy for me. One of the things I seem to be lacking time for these days is grading the boys papers so this took that burden off of me. A+ in my book.

   The other fun section for the competitor in  my kids was the skills test. Timed refreshing skills problems starting easy and building in intensity. They love to play and try to beat their score from the last time. They look at both percentage of correct problems as well as how many problems they completed in the amount of time given. This helps with hand eye coordination too. I even catch myself playing. Think of it as a brain games of sorts. I try to have little healthy competitions with my boys as much as possible, Helps build their self esteem and confidence and keeps me sharp and on my toes.

   If CTC Math sounds like something you would like to use in your homeschool then sign up today. If you are still not sure check out the free trial and easily convert it to a full program after it ends. If you would like to hear what other crew members have to say about CTC Math click on the banner below.

CTCmath Review

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