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S is for Smiling Sunrise.... Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsmommas #hsreviews #learnABCs

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Smiling Sunrise Review

   Sometimes I come across review items that do not fit our homeschool or family but I think would be a fabulous fit for my readers and friends as they all have much younger kids than I do at my stage in life.

  WordsBright is one of those companies that offers teaching tools for younger kids that are fun and eye catching with vibrant colors. Perfect for those little folks in PreK-3 or even a little younger. The meticulously crafted hardcover book S Is for Smiling Sunrise is packed with art work that grabs and keeps the attention of it's readers. Teaching manners and positive attitude as well as the ABCs. There is a free MP3 that comes with the book or you can purchase the CD instead. The CD would be great in the car while you are out running errands.
Smiling Sunrise Review

  Something fresh is always fun, there is also a free downloadable PDF teacher/parent guide to give you suggested ideas for each of the letters for games, crafts, even field trip suggestions. There is also some questions to take the child's learning a step further great for the little bit older guys in the targeted age range. Get's them thinking about what they learned for each letter!

  I could see taking a couple letters each week and with a younger preK to maybe 1st grader focusing on those letters doing some of the suggested activities and listening to the song as well as reading through the book.

  The book is an easy read for parents and was written by the Author Vick Wadhwa for his daughter so you can imagine the love that flows through this book. Written in a sing song matter, talking about saying Please and Thank You and Nature and enjoying each day we wake up to. This is a book that goes well beyond teaching the children the ABCs. In fact some adults should really listen and take to heart the teachings that flow from pages. My favorite was D is for Dawn and Day!! Wake up and enjoy the day and all that is new and remember to say "Please and Thank You."

   This particular part of the song and book brought me back to the years my oldest sang the Please and Thank You song from our Big Purple Dinosaur friend. This was so much easier on the ears(chuckle). I will definitely be putting this in my treasure box for my future grand kids that are not that far off really! I could see starting this out as a book read to a baby and as they get older playing the music and letting them read along. Definitely a book to grow with a child and promote family togetherness. This is a book that is great for gift giving and for the first day of a new school year for a pre-K or a little older. New books for a fresh start. In our homeschool I have made a tradition of having small goodies on the boys spots when they awake for our first official day of school. Wouldn't it be fun to start a new tradition of a new, fun but learning based book? Why not start with S is for Smiling Sunshine from WordsBright!! This hardcover book sells for $16.95 retail which is a great price for such quality.

Be sure to check out the other crew reviews to see what others did with this book as many of them have littles and I am sure they had so much fun.

Wordsbright Review

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