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Are we a Privileged Species?? Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #HSmommas #HSreviews #FishFlix

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FishFlix.com Review

           The school year is winding down for us and we are switching to Summer mode. What does that mean in our home and homeschool? We do some schooling year round, but instead of the focus being so much on core curriculum we tend to migrate towards more DVD's and games and things that are not so writing based. So when offered the opportunity to review a title from FishFlix.com, I thought perfect timing. We chose the Privileged Species DVD. It sounded intriguing and Taylor is all about the Science behind the Human race but I was glad that it was coming from a Christian perspective.

FishFlix.com Review
  I struggle in my homeschool to feed both the Creation and Scientific sides of the life. I have a boy who is very black and white when it comes to thinking and has to know the Scientific edge to everything that is involved with his daily life, This I believe is partly because of his Asperger's Syndrome. I needed something that showed him that the two work together and not independently.

 So Imagine my surprise when I was offered this review and I found the title Privileged Species. This video talks about how the design of our planet was intended for Human life, it ties Biblical thought with Scientific evidence. For me and my family this was the best of both worlds.

  We love Bill Nye and so the boys were excited that he opened the film saying " I am a Speck!"
This video covers Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as well as other scientific methods acknowledged to support the fact that Earth was solely designed for Humans to habitat here. Elements were explored such as Carbon, Oxygen and Water and how we need those to sustain human life as well.  How just a few degrees one way or another and we would not be able to sustain Human life here on planet Earth.
Michael Denton is an Author as well as a Geneticist who provided some of his scientific studies based on his work with genes and retinal blindness.

  We look forward to researching more of Michael Denton's work as retinal blindness is near to us as my Mother and Husband both have retinal blindness from different issues. My mother having Diabetic Retinopathy and my husband having blindness due to a surgical procedure from a retina detachment many years ago.
I love when one topic of learning leads us off into research to dive in deeper or discover a topic that was just touched on in something else.

  This video helped me to prove to Taylor that Creation and Science are hand in hand and not separate from themselves. They had to work together for Human life and Earth to work in our favor. This film opened up for many discussions at the dinner table and it was nice to see everyone on the same side of the fence for once. It is a careful balance in our home. We have watched it more than once as a family, running about 33 minutes, it is a perfect length for a short family movies night and I know it will be watched again in the future.

  It is so nice to have a family film from A Christian perspective that our family could enjoy together. Unfortunately that seems hard to find these days as my boys get older. FishFlix.com offers many titles of Christian nature that are for learning and/or family enjoyment. With prices that are family friendly as well, you are bound to find lasting family enjoyment on a family budget. Choices are starting at $5 and shipping is free with orders of $35 or more. Privileged Species is currently selling for $9.99.

I suggest with all material to screen it beforehand if you have younger children. Be sure to click the banner below and see what the crew had to say about this and some of the other titles that we had the chance to review. It was sure hard to pick just one that was for sure.

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FishFlix.com Review

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