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Thick as Thieves Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsreviews #hsmommas

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Thick as Thieves Book Review

A book review, I have not done one of these in a while but I am excited to bring Thick as Thieves a Circle C Milestones book to you today!! A book that you as an adult as well as your kids 12 and up can enjoy together or apart. The first thing that sparked my interested was that this book is about horses. Alyx started horseback riding this year and has fallen head over heals for horses. He liked them before but now he loves them.

 I figured if I could get a book that has a storyline about something he really likes, other than cars that is then I should jump at it. Boy was I right! The best part is it also has a free downloadable Study Guide. So I could give him some credit for English  class as well.  All this for $9.99

  This is the first book in the brand new series from Susan K. Marlow, her other series center around the same character  but are geared for ages younger than this series. The good news is you can start with this one if you are older like Alyx and I. Although I warn you it may leave you wanting more AND you may run out and get the earlier series just because you want to learn more about Andrea Carter(Andi) and Circle C Ranch which all books take place in the 1800's. It is neat to read about what life would have been like back in those days, somewhat simpler but still full of surprise and adventure.

  Alyx and I both long to live on a Ranch in Texas so this book fed into our dream perfectly. We often wonder why we are still living in Michigan. Anyway, back to the book. Andi is now 14 years old and is on the verge of becoming a young woman, she is always up for adventure and is not a fan of school, she would much rather be back at home on the ranch tending to her animals, especially her pregnant mare. Who during the story happens to have twin foals. This is both rare and exciting.

  This is not the only interesting thing to happen, Andi meets a new student at school, whom at first she doesn't like but ends up befriending her as she learns a friend is just what she needs. This story touches on so many aspects one of them being bullying. This subject particularly hits home with Alyx and I as Alyx was bullied in middle school. It is not a subject we look at lightly.

  I loved how as a Christian young lady Andi becomes a witness to her new friend Macy. This new girl is being raised by her older brothers and doesn't have very good hygiene and just seems different which is why Andi did not "like" her at the beginning. Macy soon realizes that Andi and her family are different than most folks she has met before and comes to realize that this is because they are Christian.

  The book is full of valuable lesson, as well as high stakes adventure when cattle hustlers come into town and start stealing horses as well. Andi is in for the ride of her life and isn't afraid to fight for what is hers.

  I read the book first and for me it was enjoyable easy read, one that was hard to put down. You just have to keep reading to see what happens next. Alyx read it after me and he used the study guide as well. 40 pages of english and recall from the book. The study guide has sections and each section covers a few chapters. Alyx read the book through first and then went back and did the study guide but you could easily just read as far as each section the study guide covers then do the work and then continue reading. It is all dependent on how best your students work. Not only are their vocab and discussion questions like traditional study guides for books but there are so many ways to dive in deeper such as a horse training guide which Alyx found invaluable and put some of the thing he learned to use during his horseback riding lessons. He enjoyed this study guide which is in sharp contrast to other study guides that I have had to argue with him to finish and I think that is partly due to the fact that A. This was a topic he is passionate about and B. It was more than just questions it was things like the horse training guide that he could put to action and he is all about action.

  Alyx and I cannot wait until the next book in the series comes out this Summer to see what happens in the life of Andi and her friend Macy as well as the Circle C Ranch.
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Andi Carter said...

Thanks, Jenn and Alex, for your enthusiastic review for Thick as Thieves (oops, I think I spelled his name wrong).
I'm SO with you about those boring, question after question, study guides. As a homeschooling mom myself for 20 years, I liked study guides to do something else but just recall facts and boring vocabulary words. I always wanted something "more," like interesting things surrounding the time period, to help my kids really feel what the past was like. (Using Sonlight helped me with that).

My son Ryan (who ended up on one of the covers of the Circle C Adventures as portraying Andi's friend "Cory,") was a horse lover in his younger years too! My daughter-in-law gave him free horseback riding lessons. He took many a tumble because the horse he was riding was a 6-year-old "green" Morgan (belonging to my daughter-in-law). He and she worked the kinks out of him, however.

Again, thanks for the review. It is fun to peek into the Crews' lives.