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Ready to Teach Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsreviews #hsmommas

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Ready to Teach Review

   We love to learn new things, some would say out of the box learning. How many students do you know that study the Greek roots of words? My kids and I thought it would be fun to review Greek Morphemes Lessons (It's  NOT Greek to Me!) from Ready to Teach. So we could learn more of where most of our Science words came from. My boys love anything to do with Science so if I can find away to intertwine their least favorite subject of English with their favorite, you bet I will.
Ready to Teach Review

   We received the Teacher's Manual, Student book and CD or in our case flash drive. These lessons are geared for secondary students meaning middle and high school grades. My boys are in 10th and 11th so this was perfect. My boys do not really struggle with vocabulary or comprehension but they loved to learn. This is good for students on either end of the spectrum. If you have a student who is struggling and maybe learning the how and why and where of how the words came to be would help then this is for you. If your kids just love learning something new this is for you. If your kids are in the middle of those two examples then this is for you. See it is truly for anyone in this age range.

   In the Teacher's manual you get so much more than a book. There are black line masters to make copies for worksheets, 12 lessons covering over 200 Greek Morphemes, and background info on all of the lessons as well as the list of all the words covered. Then of course you have your tests and answer keys.

  The Student manual is a place where the student can take notes, analyze words, make flash cards and create sentences. They also will go through the CD(flash drive) for their lessons which is set up like a power point presentations. These two things complement each other perfectly. I loved how this is set up for all types of learners, Visual and Auditory by using the book and the CD(flash drive)power point and kinesthetic by using hands on manipulatives like the flash cards and transparencies. It worked for both my boys so well who are very different learners. I was happy to see no struggles and they enjoyed doing the lessons.

  If your kids are not a power point on the computer learner, you can use the teacher's manual and work through the lessons with them. For us we are more independent learning style now that the boys are nearing the end of high school, we want to prepare them for what college will be like and so a program such as this that allows independence and yet I can step in if I need to with the help of my teacher's manual is perfect for our style right now.

  My boys quickly figured out they could incorporate our google chromecast into their lessons by plugging the flash drive into one of their laptops and watching their lesson from the comfort of the couch on the big living room tv. Homeschooling at it's finest folks, we keep it real around here. As they watch the power point it walks them through the student manual step by step. I liked this way of teaching and I found myself often sitting down and learning right along with them. It defeated the purpose of giving them independence but I just could not help myself. After the power point they worked through the workbook pages and made flash cards to study. I love watching my boys learning together and working as a team to complete their work and study for tests. My boys are acing this program and are sad that we are almost done. They only have a couple left, this has been nice that it only takes up one day a week to complete in 12 weeks but the boys enjoyed it so much they worked on 2 lessons some weeks.  I will definitely be looking for more Greek for next year.

   We enjoyed learning about the greek roots of words we use on a regular basis and did not even think about it. We have spent most of our time focusing on latin and their roots but it was definitely a nice change of pace to focus on the Greek. Since both the boys are interested in a Science field this well definitely come in handy for them in the upcoming years of schooling. I am so glad we are out of the box learners who are not afraid to try something new. This was such a fun experience and we look forward to exploring more of the Greek language.

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