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ARTistic Pursuits Sculpture Technique:Model Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsreviews #hsmommas #homeschoolart

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ARTistic Pursuits Review

What happens when you have an Art Curriculum that your kids just cannot get enough of? You get more, that's what! My sons quickly fell in love with ARTistic Pursuits when we reviewed it the first time, and we have been blessed to be chosen to review it several times. This time though we continued in the land of 3-D art away from flat paper, drawing, painting and sketching and expanded sculpting with the Model book. We were given one of the brand new books Sculpture Technique: Model.
ARTistic Pursuits Review

    Let's start with the basic information, Sculpture Technique:Model is geared for students 11-18, my boys being 15 and 16 are smack dab in the middle of this age range and did fantastic with it. The book, is just like all of the ARTistic Pursuits books, meaning they are comb-bound notebook style that lay flat nicely on the table for easy viewing while working on projects. This book is 83 pages full of hands on ART. Selling for $47.95 some may find this pricey but let me tell you, I being Miss Frugal Fran would buy it in a heartbeat. Coming from me that is saying everything. This is not a book that your kids will get through in a week, and they will also just do one project per unit and be done with. Your kids, as mine do, will go back time and time again. My boys still go back and use all of the books we have used in the past. Perfecting the various techniques over and over.

  One of the nice aspects of the Sculpture Technique:Model book is you can work out of sequence, this is wonderful if your kids are like mine and have a particular interest to get them started and excited and then they can continue in any direction that they would like to go. This book though we decided to start at unit 1 and go in order, Unit one talks about creating mass with putty. It is so funny to me as years ago I could not have gotten my boys to use putty because of the texture but now they find if soothing to work it through their hands. For projects that use clay or putty you want to be sure to have plastic containers on hand so you are not washing it down the drain when you go to clean up. Empty Butter tubs are used for things like this in our home. They are free and then we can just toss them in the recycle bin or trash when they are finished. The measuring cups that were needed I picked up at the local dollar store. As far as supplies I tend to use coupons and head to Michael's or JoAnn's as it really helps stretch the Art budget. This is where I purchased the Durham's Rock Hard water putty for our first lesson. Some of the tools we already had since Art is done quite often around here.  The important thing the boys have learned when doing art projects that require many items is to gather the items all together before getting started. This helps make sure you have everything you need otherwise you may be in the middle of mixing and realize you do not have all you need and then you will be scrapping your putty instead of putting it to use.

  The boys learned quickly that working with putty takes patience and time. You can not rush this process and sometimes it takes some fiddling with the recipe to get the consistency just right for the project you are working on. It takes time and patience to get it just right. There were many projects scrapped and restarted until they got the hang of it but that is all part of the artistic process. Airplanes and dragons are not just built in a day or so I have been told. Flowers from felt need to look realistic and that takes time as well. No matter what the medium they were using they learned that all modeling takes time and patience. You cannot always expect things to turn out the way you envision but practice makes somewhat perfect and in the end after many trials and tribulations you will end up with something you are proud to call a gift for a special someone.

    The boys learned about all different techniques such as pinch method and the coil method for short and tall models. They have worked with putty, clay and wax as well as paper mache'. They have gotten the opportunity to paint and glaze their creations and will be giving their newest creations to some very special people this coming Mother's Day. They learned wet felting and made flower masterpieces to give to a dear friend who has nobody to call her Mom. I know she will just melt when she gets it.

   I love how my boys are so proud of what they create and they are confident in their artistic abilities that they want to give them away as gifts. My mother especially treasures all of the masterpieces she has been given over the years but especially those in the years since we have been homeschooling and using ARTistic Pursuits. I have seen such an improvement in their artistic abilities and it has been wonderful to learn right along with them.

   I love being able to give my boys a fully enriched Art class right from the comfort of our home. This is not an arts and crafts book by any means this is true ART education. Fully faceted from beginning to end. Teaching all aspects of the topic of Art in each unit. This is not boring but hands on and lends to the kids excitement about getting creative and producing a project to be proud of and fit for gift giving. If you complete and entire book from ARTistic Pursuits you can gain a complete Art credit for High School level. This has been great as I know they are getting the complete package when they sit down and get to work.  I love telling our local homeschool friends about our "art classes". I speak nothing but high praises for ARTistic Pursuits and especially love visiting their booth at the homeshool convention I attend each year in Cinci. As a matter of fact I was just there a couple weekends ago. I love watching the children passing by as they get excited about what they see at the booth. Knowing I see the same awe and excitement in my boys as they complete their projects and units.

   Do you have a budding Artist in your homeschool, do you want to teach art but are not a creative, artsy mom? If you have answered yes to either of these questions then you have found the answer to your Art class prayers.

    Start with the one we received or one of the other art books from any of the titles below... for students as young as preschool or as old as High School, there is an art book for everyone.

The Way They See It
Early Elementary K-3, Book 1: Introduction to the Visual Arts
Early Elementary K-3, Book 2: Stories of Artists and Their Art
Early Elementary K-3, Book 3: Modern Painting and Sculpture
Elementary 4-5, Book 1: The Elements of Art and Composition
Elementary 4-5, Book 2: Color and Composition
Middle School 6-8, Book 1: The Elements of Art and Composition
Middle School 6-8, Book 2:  Color and Composition
High School 9-12, Book 1: The Elements of Art and Composition
High School 9-12, Book 2: Color and Composition
Sculpture Technique: Construct
Sculpture Technique: Model

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ARTistic Pursuits Review
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