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Mother, Should I Trust the Government? Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsreviews #hsmommas

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Freedom Project Education Review

    In this day and age you may find yourself or your children asking this very question. Sometimes over and over. Alyx had the opportunity to review a course titles just that, Mother, Should I Trust the Government? This was interesting as he wants to go into the military so he will be relying on the Government completely. This 8 week online class was out on by the folks at Freedom Project Education.  
Freedom Project Education Review

    They have a new Spring  class starting up soon and you can register for Spring 2015 classes by visiting their website. We were also sent the paperback book that goes along with this class. The classes ran every Monday night from 7-9 EST. Sometimes this worked for Alyx and other times he had to work, but that was OK because every Tuesday Morning we were sent the recorded class by link in an email. All of these recorded classes will be available to us for 2 more months. This is great because I am thinking of having Taylor sit through the course as well. I can then count it for both of them for a Government credit for High School.

    This course is pretty heavy material and should be used for those 13 and over, or if you have gone through the course you may choose to use it with whomever you see it suitable for in your home. There are topics covered such as abortion and you may choose to not expose your kids to that and that is always your choice.

  Freedom Project Education only offers one class at a time so if at the end of my review or after reading the reviews from the crew you are interested you should hurry and sign up for the Spring 2015 class as seats are limited. The classes are "Free" but there is a suggested donation of $50 for each family that is completely tax deductible.
Freedom Project Education Review

   You can then purchase the corresponding book which for us was "Mother, Should I Trust the Government?"  You should purchase your book from places like Amazon or wherever you would like to purchase it as it is not sold on the website. If you have a kindle there is also a kindle version on Amazon as well.

  In this class and book Dr. Jake Jacobs explores the government through the eyes of our founding fathers and what their originally plan on what the Government should look like and act as. Diving into the History or the Declaration of Independence and The Articles of Confederation,  and even the Constitutional Amendments. How much control was our Government really supposed to have and what was the vision of those men that began the United States many years ago.

    What has changed and why that is? These and many more questions were asked and answered during each of the 8 sessions of class. All class, a little reading, no papers and no tests. As Alyx would say, " This was the perfect class!" He enjoyed the interaction of the "classmates" and the Dr. Jacobs. Alyx says the class made him feel as if he was taking an online interactive college course and he loved that feel. He could sit back and have a snack while reading and sometimes interjecting into the chat window and the teacher would respond to the students questions and then continue on with the class. The class never felt dull or boring and the first class I sat in on with Alyx and it was neat to see the laid back atmosphere of the class, the teacher really made the students whether they were adults or the teens.

   Alyx enjoyed the Worldview that was taught during the class and felt it was refreshing to hear the comments from like minded people. Dr. Jacobs tells the students to be active citizens and to stand up for their beliefs in this broken society, that is veering towards total government takeover. Alyx is interested in the next class coming up as well, that is how much he enjoyed it, I have even told my college Freshmen Nick to take a look at the recorded classes. I would love to see the take that each of my 3 boys have on the class and book and have a family discussion after it is over. They each have such different personalities.

  In conclusion, Alyx felt it was a worthwhile class that he gained a ton of insight from, he is looking forward to the Spring Class and feels everyone in our family should go over the recorded sessions so we can have a family discussion about it. He liked that he was not nailed down to the computer or would have to schedule himself off work to take the class, if he missed the live session he could watch the recorded one the very next day. He appreciated the promptness of class starting on time and that the recorded sessions were sent the very next morning. He felt that Dr. Jacobs was engaging and easy to listen to and felt very at ease and did not feel it was boring at all. He was originally worried it would totally be a lecture that you just sit and listen to and that was not the case at all, it was very interactive. The content really sparked Alyx to dig deeper and research some of the topics that were brought to light. I have loved how this has developed into a rest of the year Government class and extra researching on Alyx's part. This is a Win!! for homeschooling in our house for sure!


Freedom Project Education Review

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