Friday, March 27, 2015

Lord Heritage: Homeschool Office Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsreviews #hsmommas

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HomeSchool Office Review

               The key to successful homeschooling is organization, or so it seems. I have been searching for the answer to my organized chaos since we began homeschooling 5 years ago. Probably for as long as I have been a parent but that is a whole other conversation. I was recently given a chance to review HomeSchool Office from Lord Heritage. Our review is for one year access to their online organizational system.

    Not only do we homeschool but I run a business out of my home, blog, and the kids have many classes outside of the home as well as Alyx has a job and we all have various appointments. This is a big task to wrangle and I was praying HomeSchool Office was the answer to my prayers.

  Could it be possible to have a task manager that could help me balance all aspects of our chaotic but fun filled life? I actually think there is.... Lord Heritage has created the HomeSchool Office and I think it does just what I had hoped and so much more.

  So this is an online management system so the first thing you need to do after buying your membership is... set up your account.

This means the main administrator, which is you! If you have a name for your homeschool then you can add this when you begin setting up your account. My kids love that we have an official school name. Then adding your students and family members. 

The only downfall for this program that I saw right off the bat is it took quite a bit of time to get it all set up. For a household that is running on empty already as far as time is concerned I was a bit overwhelmed. Once I carved out a chunk of time and devoted it to setting our system up I was so glad I did. 
There are places for everything as you can see by the tabs in the turquoise. I took screenshots before I inputted all of our information, I am not too comfortable sharing such personal info with the world if you know what I mean. 
The one tedious thing was picking myself for the kids teacher for each subject that we do at home. Although I found this feature extremely helpful so I can input the info of the teachers of the classes the kids take outside of our home. The boys take, guitar, horseback riding and field biology to name a few. This was helpful in that I could put all the contact info for each teacher in there all in the same place. So if I need to email or call them and do not have my phone handy it is right on my computer. 

There is also spots to put important contact info for people such as my vendors that I use for my business and my customers that order on a regular basis. I loved having all aspects of our life all in one login. That in itself made my life so much easier and I prefer to type than write so being computer based was very helpful to me. 

Now I aleady use a transcript service so I am not entirely sure I will continue to use it to input grades and such on a regular basis but semester grades and final grades just to keep them in the same location as everything else seems like a great idea. 

Having the calendar as well as a to do list along with all of the other features is a handy tool as well. There are so many aspects offered with your subscription that even if you did not use one or two it is still worth the price you pay. I love that I can log on to my account on the go. If I needed to add an appointment or a note to one of the kids then I could do that from my meeting I was attending or sitting at my off hour at co-op. Then the kids could log in with their username and see what tasks they needed to complete or activities they had on tap for that day or week. 

I call it Central Communications System, I think it suits it better than HomeSchool Office but that is strictly my opinion. You can have this too for just $79 a year.
I am so thankful for some organization to our chaotic life. Some days I feel like I am spinning out of control and not sure which end is up but thanks to Lord Heritage and their Homeschool Office I can feel a little better knowing we can all glance at our account and see what is on tap for each day and week. If I need to change something I just go in and change it and then we can all see the changes. 
I love it!! Plain and Simple. I love it! I am sure you will love it too, but do not just take my word for it please click the banner below and check out all of the crew reviews and see what they have to say about Homeschool Office. 
Be sure to use your  30 day free trial to get a feel for it yourself as well. 

HomeSchool Office Review

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