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IndoctriNation Movie TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2015 #hsmommas #hsreviews

Pin It Now!    Back from a long winter break with the crew, but I am ready to be back and bring you some amazing reviews and we are starting off with one that is near and dear to my heart.

  Great Commission Films sent some of us crew folks their movie IndoctriNation. The story of public schools and the decline of Christianity in America.
IndoctriNation DVD Review
Geared to parents, pastors and teachers, but I let my  high schoolers  watch it with me, this DVD sells for $19.95 and there is also a book you can get to go along with it, either purchased separately or in a bundle those prices are on the website.
We are a family that has a long history in the public school system, my husband and I both grew up going to PS and my oldest was a graduate from PS last year. My two younger boys have only been homeschooled for 5 years this past week. So I can speak from experience that some of my friends can not, our public school system is crumbling before our eyes and I strongly believe it has been happening ever since we took Jesus out of the schools.
IndoctriNation takes a look at the public schools and is mostly documentary with a little bit of testimony thrown in. The statistics are that 90% of americans send their kids to public schools. That is a ton of kids. While the numbers of homeschoolers grows for one reason or another, most of the time it is for religious purposes. Our reasons were many but one of them was we wanted our kids to know more of Jesus. 
102 minutes of a look into why there is no religious freedom in schools.
IndoctriNation follows Colin Gunn, homeschooling father of seven children and Scotland native turned Texan as he takes up a unique quest:  a school bus and go on a countrywide adventure  to explore what has become of public schools as they have changed over the years.
 Speaking with folks along his journey and what their opinions on the state of the public schools. Speaking to folks such as Ken Ham, Kevin Swanson and many more along the way.

 As we watched the movie, we experienced many emotions as a family, I myself am very passionate about the Public schools and how they failed my children so this film hit a raw nerve with me, now 5 years later it still can stir up emotions that I felt I had conquered. The mama bear in me just cannot seem to let those feelings go. We also felt  convicted. Do you know what your role as a Christian parent is in the education system? 

 Many parents take a backseat to education when they send their kids to PS or any type of school for that matter. I know we did for a long time, especially when things were going well for our kids in PS. After watching this movie, I have a different opinion of sorts on what a parents role, A Christian parents role should be when sending their kids off for their education, It truly made me think especially with a kiddo off at a secular college and two more leaving the nest soon. We as parents need to take part in education even if we choose not to homeschool. 
 Parents do not always have the option or the interest to homeschool, sending their kids to PS is the right choice for their family. I know that, and believe me I am not here to say if you send your kids to PS you are a bad parent. NOT AT ALL. I was one of the PS parents and my father worked in the PS system for almost 35 years. We are not anti PS at all. I think all parents Homeschool or Public School need to watch this movie. If you are a Christian parent or not you need to watch this movie. 
  IndoctriNation is enlightening and engaging, and powerful. It is eye opening and so much more. You need to see this and then let a friend see it too. We as Christian americans need to propel the movement to fix America and the Public School system this is our job as Christians we are God's people and we were put on this Earth to spread his message, 
Buy your copy today and then get inspired to do something!! 
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IndoctriNation DVD Review

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