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Purposeful Design Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsreviews #hsmommas

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Purposeful Design Review

We as a family love studying Science from a Creation standpoint, so we jumped at the chance to review the book Purposeful Design Understanding the Creation from Purposeful Design. This beautifully written and illustrated hardcover book can be purchased for $18.95 using paypal and there is a Free Bonus of the Young Explorers Club Curriculum and Teacher's Answer Key. This book was written by Jay Schabacker. Suitable for all ages.

Purposeful Design Review
We started off by reading this book during one of our family circle times and let me tell you we wanted to read it again after the first time, just in case we missed something! The Author takes you on an epic adventure through the 7 days of Creation. Each chapter tells the facts of what was created on each day. 
Chapter 1 – The First Day: Creation of the Heavens and the Earth, the Foundation of it All 
Chapter 2 – The Second Day: Creation of the Atmosphere and Water 
Chapter 3 – The Third Day: Creation of the Dry Land and Vegetation 
Chapter 4 – The Fourth Day: Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars 
Chapter 5 -  The Fifth Day: Creation of the Birds and Fish 
Chapter 6 -  Creation Day Six: Creation of Land Creatures and Humans 
Chapter 7 – The Seventh Day 
Even the most complex of explanations are written so that even the youngest readers can comprehend.  Topics such as animal instincts, the Orbit of the Moon, and Human Cells. Jay takes on a journey to explain all of the features of our Earth and how it came to be so that we can exist on this amazing planet we call Earth. 

After you read the book the learning does not stop there... You can download your personal copies of the Young Explorer Club Curriculum and Teacher's Answer Key. This is all free with your purchase of the book. This is a workbook for children that are able to write or relay the answers to a parent that can write them in for the child. It is set up in a workbook format and is perfect for printing out and punching it with a 3 hole punch and putting it into a binder, which is what we did with this. This would make for a great companion Bible Study for all students elementary and up. 

As you go through the workbook there are several pages of questions for each day of Creation. These questions are made to have your child stretch their thinking and really put their heart into the answers. If they get stuck on a question this is a great opportunity to sit and discuss what they are thinking and feeling. I was amazed at the amount of quality conversation my family reaped from reading this book and doing the workbook. I love how it truly makes us stop and think about everything that God created in this Universe and how amazing the detail is in his Purposeful Design. He truly is a talented and gifted creator our God! 

These questions dive deeper into the Bible, asking things such as favorite quotes from different verses and if they want to turn those quotes into memory verses. 
Just think if it were not for the first day of Creation we would not have our Heavens and our Earth, where would we live or would we even be? What about day 2? Can you imagine life without water? 
Heading into day 3 the discussion and comprehension questions chat about dry land and vegetation. How would we farm without it? Day 4 talks of Sun, Moon and Stars. How would we know Day from Night without these things, how would we get warmth without sun? Day 5. the birds and the fish. Day 6, Land Creatures and Humans, that's US. We would not be here if there had never been Day 6 of Creation! What if any world would this be? 
Day 7 on the final day of Creation God blessed all he had created and made it Holy. 
Each of the days activities are set up in the exact same manner, and while this is good in some ways the boys did find it a tad monotonous. There are discussion questions, and then a test of comprehension, such as fill in the blanks and such. Then there are scripture verses that coincide with that day of Creation, Then there are some more exercises that really make you think and stretch your mind.  Then there was my favorite part, the closing prayer as a family and what you should pray that day. It always made for a nice ending to that day's lesson. 

All in all I highly recommend the book Purposeful Design Understanding the Creation, and the accompanying curriculum. It is a great family activity or Bible study for your homeschool. This would make a great Christmas gift or gift for any occasion for that special someone or hard to buy for person on your list. So head over and buy a copy or two or three today!! 
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