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If He Had Not Come Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsmommas #hsreviews #christmasstory

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Do you love Christmas? True Christmas? Teaching your children what this glorious holiday's true meaning is? I am always on the hunt for new ways to bring the heart of Christmas into our home. So I was so excited to have the opportunity to review a classic Christmas story that has been reintroduced to us for our current generation by David Nicholson. This beautiful detailed book is called If He Had Not Come. 

Christmas Book Review

This hardcover book is best suited for ages 6 and up but I believe that everyone in the family can get enjoyment out of family reading time. This is a special time that we have always enjoyed since the boys were born, and to this day even as teens we still have family reading time. I think this is a crucial bonding time between family members. We are huge reading proponents in our family, you remember my post about my son's Little Free Library? I want to believe that my children's strong love of books is due to the fact that we have always set aside time to read as a family since day 1. 

Now for this story which is fabulously illustrated and written, you can probably tell by the title, If He Had Not Come what it is about but I am here to fill you in so that you can see why this book is a must have for your family this Christmas season. 

Let us start with who is David Nicholson, he is a retired teacher and a short term missionary. He currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife, and they together have 2 married children and 2 grandchildren. When his children were small, David read the story originally written by Nan F. Weeks. It was originally printed in 1938 as part of an anthology, Christ in the Fine Arts, by Cynthia Maus. After 55 years David has brought this timeless tale into the new generation with classic illustrations to retell the story. 
Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if there was no Jesus? I know I have, but am thankful we do not have to live in that reality as.

The story is about Bobby, a young boy who on Christmas Eve while waiting to open his presents on Christmas morning drifts off into a world that seemed somewhat familiar but soon he realizes that many of the things he has come to know in his life are missing. The church, the hospital, the homeless shelter, even the children's home or what we know as an orphanage. How can this be? Where are all the landmarks that he has come to know and depend on? 
Nobody knows that it's Christmas, there are no decorations or Christmas cheer, just a sad, dark world. As he travels through his town everything he has come to know is replaced with the word If He Had Not Come. He is so confused and saddened by all of this, why does everyone not know what Christmas is, He returns home and opens his bible and to his shock, the entire New Testament was missing and in it's place those same dreaded words If He Had Not Come. Suddenly Bobby wakes and all of the illustrations in the book become bright and vivid, illustrating the light of the world Jesus Christ is back again. I think this was a great way to signify what a dark world this would be without the light of christ in our lives. 
This realization makes Bobby thank Jesus for coming to the world and vows to do everything he can to always please Jesus. 

One added bonus besides the story that will leave your family feeling thankfulness and hope and so many other emotions that are hard to put into words is that there are discussion and interactive questions and topic starters in the back of the book. This will help expand on the story with your family and help them put their thoughts into words as they think about the story and what the world would be like If He Had Not Come. I know that my boys first reaction was that they are thankful that we do not have to experience a world like that, a world without Jesus. 

The book ends with the ABC's of the Gospel and asks if anyone would like to accept Christ as their Savior. This is a great book to help bring people to Jesus as well as those who already have accepted him into their lives. This is also a great way to refresh your faith as you travel along with Bobby in a world without Jesus and the light he brings to the world. You will rejoice right along with him when he awakes and realizes it was all just a horrible dream. 
My family enjoyed this and were thankful for the interactive discussion questions to help us sort out all of the feelings the book left us with. We will be sharing this book with others this Christmas season. What better gift to give than Jesus. Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and add this wonderful book to your Christmas celebrations. Visit the facebook page by clicking below of head to the website right now and buy your very own copy for just $18.95 for the 8 1/2 x 11 x casebound hardcover like the one we received or the ebook for just $3.99

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