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Fascinating Education Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsreviews #hsmommas #HSscience

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Fascinating Education Review
 Science is a big part of our school day around here, the boys have two favorite subjects and Science is one of those. History is the other. The Schoolhouse Review Crew was offered a choice of one of the three Science courses from Fascinating Education. We chose Fascinating Biology to help fill in some of the gap for the boys. We are carefully monitoring what they are completing now that they are in High School. The courses offered are for high school, although some middle school students as young as 6th grade could do the Biology and Chemistry courses.

Fascinating Education Review
   Fascinating Education suggests starting with Fascinating Chemistry and then moving onto Biology and then finishing with Physics but we chose to work out of their suggested sequence since we are using both Biology and Chemistry in our homeschool this year. So my boys have a basic understanding or better of Chemistry and we have gotten through more than half way into their Biology book. I wanted this to serve as more of a refresher and maybe fill in a gap or two that our main book is not covering. Being completely online, programs like Fascinating Biology work great for the boys busy schedules this year, this allows them to work independently as their schedule allows. This helps me not to have to spend so much time juggling schedules to sit down with both of them at the same time. This in turn opens up more time to focus on other subjects that require our combined attention.

    The photo below shows how the site is set up each lesson has buttons underneath. There is a button for lessons, the script and the test. Most tests are only on one lesson but occasionally there may be a test that covers more than one lesson. Each lesson is accompanied by a script and a quiz. The quiz and answer key can be printed in pdf format under a separate login for the parent/teacher. My kids preferred to take the quizzes online, this way they received instant feedback when they were finished and if they did not obtain a passing score of 80% or better they could retake the quiz. The quizzes are all multiple choice so it is fairly straight forward.They could also review their quiz and in this process they were shown the right answers. Usually my kids passed on the first try. Even if they passed they could still choose to review their answers or retake for a better score. The website does not retain and scores but you can print out the page at the end that shows the score.

 There are no labs that are associated with the courses, so in my eyes I cannot count this as a full Biology credit on it's own, but when I pair it with out current curriculum I can rest easy knowing that they truly completed more than enough for a full credit. This of course is all dependent on what you count as a credit. My oldest wants to go to a pretty prestigious college and with that we need to be diligent that he has more than fulfilled the requirements our state requires for graduation. This is of course would all depend on what your states requirements are and where your child plans on going after homeschool high school graduation.

Fascinating Education Review
The boys used this 3-4 days a week spending about a half hour each session and while they liked it they prefer hands on science so this was not their favorite source for Science. They like doing the labs and projects more than book or computer work. I however felt it served a purpose of review and fill in that they were otherwise lacking. So while my teens were not thrilled with the program, I think it is a great for what we used it for or for the student who is not a hands on learner and prefers to just get it done. Biology as well as Chemistry and Physics from Fascinating Education all run $79 for a full year's access. Biology has 19 lessons in all. You can also get 2 courses for $125 for a full year and all 3 courses for 2 years for $175. That is a fantastic deal for all you get. Be sure to check out the website for all the details and a sample lesson. You can also see a course outline.
Fascinating Education Review
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