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Fortuigence Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsreviews #hsmommas

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Fortuigence Review

   Writing is an intrical part of life, in some ways if you are not a strong writer it may affect what type of schooling you have in the future or may influence your career path in life. I want to make sure my boys are strong writers, and although I enjoy writing, I do not always feel I am good at teacher or grading my boys papers. This is why I was so excited to be able to have the opportunity to review a course from Fortuigence. We had the choice of one of 4 courses and the one that spoke to me was the Essay Rock Star Personal Statement Writing Course.  Any one of the four courses priced at $57 are geared for ages 12-18 or even adults. I chose to assign this course to my 11th grader, Alyx is in Civil Air Patrol and is going to have to write some essays for different courses and positions he will be applying for. I thought the Personal Statement course would be helpful in this area.
Fortuigence Review

     Now one of the things I liked about this course is although it is taught and graded by a teacher other than me, her name is Lily Iatridis. It is still what you would call self paced. Alyx likes to work at night and for this course that was no problem, he could work any time day or night on his assignments and submit them for the teacher to look at and give feedback on his work. In the past we have done online classes that were a set time and day and they just did not work well for our on the go lifestyle. This was the extreme opposite of those classes in that there was no schedule or time if life happened it was ok. This was perfect for Alyx's extra busy fall schedule. So therefor much more relaxed, Alyx enjoyed this aspect and it helped make him more successful.

   You start by setting up your online "classroom" your child should have his or her own email so that it makes communication smoother. Alyx already had his own email so this was not an issue. Then after the account is created you are invited to a video orientation, here they go over the course, and the rubric and expectations. The first "assignment" is not an actual assignment, the student is asked to submit work from a previous writing assignment so that their level of writing can easily be assessed. Alyx chose to submit his essay he used when he applied for his Field Biology class he is taking on Fridays. He was very apprehensive as was I to see what the teacher thought of his writing skills, we were pleasantly greeted with the fact that she thought he was a "highly competent writer". Let me tell you he was pleased but I let out a big sigh of relief.  What do you know? I am actually doing a good job teaching him writing, I am pretty sure that all of us Homeschool Moms are our worst critic, I know even as a blogger I am my own worst critic, isn't that only human?

 After they get their critique back from their submitted writing sample they are given the go ahead to begin on their first assignment. Using a 5 Step approach,
Step 1: Brainstorming

Step 2: Organization

Step 3: Free Writing

Step 4: Revision

Step 5: Editing

   Your teen will gain confidence and techniques to become the solid writer they should be. Using videos to teach and pages to read online, they are then given the assignment to complete and then upload to the "classroom" to be graded by the teacher. Feedback is sent to the student's email for them to look over this could be your student's email or yours depending on how it was set up when you began. The assignments can be completed in one sitting or over a few days, remember it is at your student's own pace. If worked on several days a week you can complete the entire course in 4 weeks and your high schooler can claim .125 credits of English in exchange for completion. Your student will get a certificate of completion when they are done that can be added to their portfolio to showcase their accomplishments.

   After they complete the assignment and get their feedback they can correct their errors and resubmit it. When the teacher is happy with the finished product they will get the go ahead to move onto the next assignment. This is signified by a checkmark in the classroom showing completed work. This made it easy for Alyx to know when it was time to move onto the next assignment. Alyx easily completed several lessons a week and successfully completed the course in just under 5 weeks.

  I was pleased with his motivation and progress and the teacher's communication that was always returned in a timely manner. This is key to the success of the program and it shows. Alyx was always eager to see what she had to say about his work and not only did he learn many tips for perfecting his personal statement essay but he gained tons of confidence in his writing. Having confidence in your writing is an important part of being a successful writer. At the end of the course Alyx sent feedback to the teacher and then received his certificate to print out to signify his completion.

  This course cost $57 and I feel all 4 courses would be a great investment to add to any English curriculum to make a year of writing successful and to help boost the confidence of your teen. Preparing for college Applications where the Personal Statement is Key, is a great course to start with or end with, there is no special order that they need to be completed in, this makes it flexible to start or use which one fits the needs of your student. If you choose to do all 4 courses there is a discount offered making the 4 courses $197 total. I feel this is a great investment and the added discount is just a bonus. I cannot wait to see how this course impacts Alyx's future endeavors. He will be applying for an opportunity for a chance to represent CAP in Washington soon and not before long College. I feel this was the right course for us to use first but maybe you would choose a different course to start with. If you are trying to decide which course would be the best for your teen then please click the link below to read all 50 of the reviews for Fortuigence Essay Rock Star courses and see which one would be the perfect fit for you. Please also visit all of the social media links below so that you can find out and learn more about all of the products from Fortuigence.

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