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Clued in Kids Schoolhouse Review Crew Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsmommas #hsreviews

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Clued In KidsReview
Did you ever want to have a scavenger hunt but just cannot get past the fact that you need to come up with all the clues and they need to all make sense and get the kids to the end result? I know my boys love scavenger hunts, in fact we do one ever year at Christmas, this is how the boys find each of their gifts. We had the opportunity to review a couple of scavenger hunts from Clued in Kids. I had a hard time choosing just 2 titles, there are so many fun ones to pick from.  After much deliberation we decided to that our 2 hunts would be Halloween and (5)Multiplication Dragons Printable Treasure Hunts sent to me by PDF download. I think have one choice be fun and one be educational was a nice mix. Although all the options end up being fun whether they are educationally based or not. Who doesn't like to hunt for treasure.  These are perfect for 1 child or groups of children up to 10. They are also physical copy choices too. You will just have to visit Clued in Kids to see them all.

We will start with the Halloween hunt  selling for $5.99, since this candy filled holiday just happens to be this week. We had the opportunity to try this one out while we were camping, our last weekend at camp for the season is always the big Halloween celebration, and while I am not a big fan of the Halloween traditions, we love to participate in the last hurrah of the camping season. This always takes place the first full weekend of October. I like this because normally it tends to be still pretty nice weather wise. This year was not the case, it included wind, rain and hail that all made it extremely cold. SO it did not go as planned as I had dreamed of sunshine and mild temps and lots of friends and family to join in, and in the end it was a just us and it was miserable weather but in the end it was still fun.
Clued In KidsReview

  I will say that after I printed out the clues and went through them to see how to set it all up I did have to tweak it some, for instance one of the clues leads you to the dishwasher. I had to end up giving the kids a clue, since obviously we do not have a dishwasher in our camper, so ours ended in the sink. You just may need to get creative like we did not have a laundry basket but we have a hamper for dirty clothes at camp instead. It just made it a bit more challenging and when they were done they found the treasure of a pumpkin filled with candy and treats.

     I love how these only take a short 8 minutes or even less to set up. When I have done scavenger hunts in the past without the help of Clued in Kids it often takes me hours to think up all the clues and get it set up for the kids. Taking the fun out of it for me. This was a such a refreshing change for me. I truly enjoyed setting this up and did not dread it at all. I simply printed the scavenger hunt at home which only took a few minutes and was great that 2 parts printed out on a sheet of paper and all I had to do was cut on the dotted line to separate them.
   There are 12 clues in all, with number 12 leading you to the treasure, you also get a handy answer key that will help you give extra hints to the hunters, if they need it. I loved having the answer key and I just jotted down our answers that we had to tweak next to the original answer. Each clue is a different puzzle or game to do or play in order to get the answer to the next clue. This type of hunt keeps the kids busy for about an hour or longer if they struggle with some of the clues. Working in teams may help the kids to be able to put their heads together to solve the riddles and be on their way to the next clue.  This particular hunt is good for folks of all ages, I think even adults would have fun with it.
Here is a cute animation that shows how one of the hunts are done.

The 2nd hunt we received was actually 5 in one, it is the Multiplication Dragons treasure hunt and is 5 hunts for the price of $19.99. These hunts cover multiplications facts from 2x-6x. They are geared for ages 7-9. Each fact group is a hunt all in it's own. You can start with 2x or start with 6x or any number in between. They are all independent of each other which makes it nice. You could do one a week or one every day for a week. Something fun to break up the monotony of the school week. 
Clued In KidsReview
These are all run the same but with different clues and problems for each set of times tables. There are 11 clues in all and the 12th card is an activity. This activity is the children reciting the entire set of times tables for that number so we will take 6x for instance. At the end of the hunt in order to get the treasure the children need to recite all of the 6x tables. After they have done this correctly they then get their prize. This was the only one from this pack we did as I felt the lower numbers were way too young for my boys. I may use it with one of my classes at my co-op though. I think the younger kids would enjoy these. After my boys completed the hunt their reward was a coupon to go to the candy store. I had purchased a groupon for the local penny candy store and I thought this was a perfect treat. They thought so too. I thought all of the clues were clever and really made the boys think even being older, they did not all come easy to them as they had to solve puzzles and riddles to check the answer and hope that the results landed them at the treasure. 
All in all my kids and I found these scavenger hunts enjoyable and I would be happy to try out some more. You can receive a free Homework Reward treasure hunt when you sign up for the Clued in Kids newsletter. This is a great deal as this is a $5.99 value. You can also read up on the family behind Clued in Kids and what prompted them to start their business. You can also visit Clued in Kids blog to read all about their Christmas products and happenings. You can also visit all of their social media links below. Please be sure to check out the crew banner below and see what hunts the crew and their families picked for their review. 
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