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Anthem for a Nation Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsmommas #hsreviews

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New Liberty Videos Review

   History is one of the boys favorite subjects and they are especially fond of realistic history. So we were delighted to have the opportunity to choose a title from New Liberty Videos. We settled on Anthem for a Nation.  All of the New Liberty Videos are History from a Christian point of view and they sell for $19.95 each. It sure was a hard decision to pick just one, they all sounded equally as interesting as the one we chose.
New Liberty Videos Review

  All of the videos including Anthem for a Nation have a rating of G that is for General Audience. This however does not mean you sit down with all of your kiddos and just watch, I highly suggest you preview all media before allowing your children to view it beforehand. Only you know what your kids are ready for and what you may want to avoid. I know this is one of the privileges of homeschooling I hold near and dear to my heart. The right to keep certain subjects away from my children.

   Anthem for a Nation is 42 minutes in length and while I had all intentions of splitting it into 2 segments when I sat down with the family to watch it we ended up watching the entire video in one sitting. This video is not really a movie, it is more of a documentary. There are sections that are "movies" and then there is actual footage and documents shown. It has made me even more ambitious about taking a trip to Washington D.C.  There is a narrator and he starts off the story at the beginning, right where it should start. Talking of the deep Christian heritage of our nation. There was many references to how we need to put God and the Gospel back into the government and schools. I strongly agree with this, so I was very intrigued. The boys found the facts of all of the hidden Christian messages in the Nation's Capitol, amongst the buildings and landscape. I don't want to give them away but our favorite has to do with the layout of the monuments and how they form a cross. We all were so pleased to watch a History video that is so deep in Christian views. Those pertaining to abortion and the Holocaust and putting the Bible back in the public schools. All of these are important stances.

   Now some of those topics might be too deep for your kids depending on how old they are, for my boys being almost 15 and 16 these are topics we have discussed before so it was nothing the boys had not heard before.This is where you come in, when you get your DVD this is why you want to screen it, not so you can say this is not for your family because despite some of the heavy issues discussed this is a fantastic historical documentary, you will want to screen it so you know which if any parts you need to skip over. No matter which parts you choose to view this will unlock countless conversations amongst you and your family. Invoking numerous hours of research to unlock more.

  My boys asked many questions that I did not know how to answer so we took the time to research more so that we could all explain it to others. We knew before but definitely know now that we need to get back to the country we were when it all began and only then will it be right in the world again. My boys are equipped to share these stories with others and to help spread the word of our founding fathers. We look forward to taking our next road trip adventure to Washington D.C. so we can see all that we learned about up close and personal.

   We are also anxious to choose another DVD from the New Liberty Videos collection to see some more History rich in Christian details. Unlock the true meaning of History with any or all of the DVDs for only $19.95 each you will be giving your family the gift of true History.

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