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My Student Logbook Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsreviews #hsmommas #homeschoolorganization #studentplanner

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     Are your kids busy, independent learners, a child who needs a visual of what needs to be done and what has been accomplished? If you answered yes to any or all of those, then this review is for you. My Student Logbook is a company created by a homeschool family, there are many Student Logbooks to choose from as far as undated or dated and many cover choices. As you can see here we chose the dated with the American Flag cover. Our dates run from Aug 1- July 31, there are other choices such as one dated for the calendar year or undated so you may start it when you would like.
My Student Logbook Review
 The books come very well made and spiral bound with a clear plastic sheet cover to help keep it clean. There are 6 checklist pages and if you needed to you could make more, and there are 53 weekly pages as well. Along with the basics each book includes a few info pages, such as an intro, the setup instructions, and using the logbook to create a High School Transcript, I know I will definitely be putting that aspect to good use this year. I originally picked this for Alyx my 11th grader, I chose the American Flag cover because he is in auxiliary of the Air Force and we have many families in different branches of the Military. I am going to be ordering Taylor one and I will choose the option for his to start in January, but I have yet to decide on a cover, he is harder to pin down choices with.   

My Student Logbook Review
The one thing that stood out to me the most about this planner verses other student planners is the set up is quick and unless the task change all the time you have to only set it up once to a couple of times and you are good to go for the whole year. I know are tasks really only change 2-4 times a year based on the classes the boys are taking outside of the home. We are in one homeschool program that only changes 2x a year but we are in another that changes 3x a year and then of course there is Summer "vacation". So you can see where this is perfect. I used to have to write their agenda each week and it took so much longer to prepare for the week. This has made my life so much simpler as well as for Alyx. There is no "Mom, you forgot to fill out my planner I do not know what needs to be done." It is always there and in the small space next to the item I can put what day and time each activity or class or assignment is happening or the due dates. For instance Alyx has CAP on tuesdays, Wednesdays he takes ART outside of the home, Thursdays we will beginning our co-op at the end of October, and on Fridays he is taking a Field Biology class at a local college.  
  Then you have the standard assignments, Spelling, Language Arts, Math and Social Studies as well as Writing and Bible assignments. This helps keep him on task so that he can manage his time more wisely, as he also has a part time job as well at the local hardware store. Each week he folds the task list over the page he is working on keeping the pages between the folded task list that correspond with that list. So the quarters or semesters are all within the folds, this aids in helping make the transcript, I can quickly flip through the pages for that marking period his grades for his assignments are in the squares for the date he took the test or turned in his assignment and I can easily add them into the program I use to track his grades. This has also helped streamline my grade keeping and free up some of my time. 

 All in all this has been a great addition to our homeschool and home life, it has been a time saver as well as helping to keep my homeschool more organized. We will definitely be using these for both the boys from now on and I will be telling all of my friends about them as well. I highly recommend this to everyone and so wish we would have found this much sooner in our homeschool journey. I am even considering ordering one for Nick, who is a Freshmen away at college. This would work for anyone I am thinking even adults, although it is recommended for 2nd graders and up. They sell for $15.00 for the physical student logbooks and there are PDF versions as well for prices ranging from $10-$20. Be sure to order yours today. Please also check out the banner below to see what other crew reviews to see how their  student logbooks worked for them.

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