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   Are you a person that uses a planner? Are you someone who SHOULD use a planner? Does your planner act just like a glorified calendar? What if I told you there was a planner out there that can do that and SO much more!! I know I had a hard time believing it until I saw it for myself. The 7 Minute Life has a planner that does just that! It is The 7 Minute Life daily planner and I am going to tell you how it works as I was blessed to review this amazing spiral bound planner for the last several weeks. 

Now I know I usually bring you products that are geared to the kids and their school work or fun time but this particular review is just for YOU! The MOM! We need some love in the "curriculum" department too! That is just what I feel this planner is, curriculum for me or you, the Mom! It is not the planner where you open it up and dive right in. There is some studying to do first, there are some videos to teach you all about the planner and how it will work to Prioritize, Organize and Simplify your entire Life. Then after the video I had several pages of "work" reading about all of the aspects of the planner and how to go about using it to make it work for me. This is not just a calendar but a tool. A tool to help rid your worried head of all the mental clutter that clouds our thinking. As moms we have a lot of worries some that are legitimate and some that are just junk and clutter that needs to be tossed to the curb. Who would have thought. So what exactly do you get, you get this spiral bound planner that has plastic covers to protect it from life's small mishaps, you know the dribble of coffee or the baby's bottle or junior's sippy cup. It's not water proof by any means it is after all a book, but this cover definitely helps. This is a 7.3" by 8.5" physical planner  just for you, the Mom, selling for $24.95 and has a money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose except your mental clutter, your unorganized days and your lack of feeling like you get anything accomplished.

7 Minute Life Daily Planner Review

After you do all of the "WORK" it is time to get started setting up your planner. There are several pages to jot things down and some may apply to you and some may not, for instance I do not work as in outside of our home, but I do in fact have a couple home based businesses and I consider my blogging and reviews work as well so here is where you would put all those things that are work related. There are also similar pages like unfinished household tasks as well as home repair tasks, otherwise known as the Honey Do list in my house. There is an annual calendar at a glance so you can see important things at a moments glance, such as vacations coming up, birthdays and anniversaries or anything else in the year ahead you need to know about. There is also my favorite the 90 day calendar worksheets, here you can see your life events in 3 month increments. This helps when there are busy kids like mine in the house. This year the social calendar and sports and extra classes seems to have exploded in our house so this could not have come at a better time. 
There are also pages for annual projects and tasks. Maybe you need to winterize your pool or in my case our camper. Then you need to open it back up when Spring arrives. How about Spring cleaning or Fall cleanup. The possibilities are ever changing and never ending with a busy family. The next set of calendars are your monthly calendar, they are not predated so you can fill them in for any month you begin with for Me it was August. There are planning pages for meetings. For me I am on a couple committees so this is very practical and handy. There is really something in this planner for every aspect of your life and if something truly doesn't fit you can adapt it to fit your specific needs. 
7 Minute Life Daily Planner Review
  One of my favorite yet some may think trivial parts of the planner is the very beginning, there is a half pocket that is great for holding our paper schedules from all of the boys activities, co-op, Civil Air Patrol, Martial Arts, Guitar you name it we have a schedule for it.

They stick out a tad at the top but that is ok they are there and I know where they are at all times.
This planner follows a flow chart... Priotities,Purpose,Life Goals, The timeline of your life,creating 90 day written goals and Today what are 5 things you are going to do before 11 am! I cannot tell you how this final task alone has helped make my life more productive and far less hectic. 

The first few pages are a bit of self evaluation if you want to say. What are the priorities in your life? Now tell me your top 10 in order of importance. This was a Huge step in getting myself in order. Then you are asked to "Discover your purpose" What is your purpose in your family, community and life? This was a hard task and I am still working on it but little by little I am adding to it. 
The next pages are where you actually begin your 7 Minute Life journey. It takes roughly 7 minutes every day to jot down what needs to be accomplished. There is no better feeling when it comes to your planner than to begin checking off tasks that have been completed. 
Here you begin with Daily contacts, who do you need to call or email or text today? My favorite 5 things I will do before 11 am. 7 minute life connections, Is there people that you need to connect with for just a few minutes, this may mean a phone call, a chat with a neighbor on the driveway or sending an email or letter in the mail. Unfinished tasks from the day or week before that need to be accomplished. Lasty what money did you spend today, I know for me sometimes I sit there and say I had $20 where did it go, this has definitely helped me cut down on the frivolous spending and account for the money that goes out of my wallet. 
At the very bottom there are boxes to check for water intake and sleep, exercise and reflection as well as reading. food intake and a very important accountability check mark " Did I do what I said I would do today?" Now when I first started  will admit that it was Summer and I was far more into being accountable than I am now that school is back in full swing so I did not always get everything done that I said I would but the last few weeks I have been really trying and am happy to report that I am almost always accomplishing everything I set out to do and it leaves me feeling at peace at night and in turn I am sleeping better since I have alleviated some of my mental clutter.
The next page has a place for Appointments, where do you need to go and who do you need to meet. Doctors, classes and meetings. Voicemails that need to be dealt with and if there are thank you notes that need to be written and sent. There is also a nice big blank spot for additional notes and info. 
There are daily and monthly progress report sheets so you can self reflect on where you need improvement still and where you have shown gains in getting your life on track and more organized. Some places for additional notes and self examination. I know this planner as a whole has helped me get more control of my life, not feel so disorganized mentally and to feel that I actually do accomplish things even when I am feeling as if I do not get a thing done each day. It has helped get my kids where they need to be and when without always grasping for straws on what needs to be accomplished each day. I can honestly say life is running more smoother since I began using The 7 Minute Life daily planner. I highly recommend this to every Mom out there it will be the single best investment you can make in yourself and your family. $24.95 is all it takes and you will be back to thank me for it after your first week of using it. As always do not just take my word for it click on the banner below and see what all of the other crew members that got to review it are saying about their experience with their 7 Minute daily life planner. Also be sure to check out all of the social media links for The 7 minute life, there are tons of valuable resources all over for them. 

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