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Mathletics Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsreviews #hsmommas #hsmath

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Mathletics Online Math Review

     Always on the hunt to find computer based Math programs that can help make learning Math fun and interesting for Taylor my one that struggles with Math and Alyx who just needs to keep his skills sharp. Even more so with adding technology into the mix, I love finding companies that offer the opportunity of installing an App to add to learning time for on the go skills. So when offered the opportunity to review Mathletics from 3P Learning, I knew we just had to give it a go! There is something for everyone from K-12 grades.
Mathletics Online Math Review

   I knew we wanted to mainly use this with the free App that is offered for Mathletics for on the go learning, but it is also nice to know the boys can also log in simultaneously from their laptops as well. Getting the boys their own laptops was the best investment we ever made for our homeschooling adventure, Gotta love income tax time. I am starting to see tablets in the boys futures as well for App learning of all kinds.

   So what is Mathletics and how does it work. First off you need to purchase an account. The normal price for 1 student for a full year is $99.00 and for 2 children which is what I received is $179.00 but for a limited time they offering a special $59.00. Mathletics is brought to you by the same company 3P Learning that created Reading Eggs and other fun learning programs.

 Mathletics covers the following key points in a Math journey.
Engage: Attract the user and keep them engaged, using rewards and gaming to keep child motivated

Target: Over 1200 adaptive processes covered for all grades K-12 including pre and post testing

Diagnose: assessments can be done in certain grades where you can then log into the parent portal and see where your child has strengths and weaknesses so you can see where they excel and where they may need some additional help.

Assess: You can assign an assessment test for your child, your child will be tested and graded and the results emailed to you along with suggested activities that may help your child improve in their areas of weakness.

Report: Reports in Mathletics are real time so you may see where your child is struggling or excelling and what they have accomplished at any given time.

Fluency: Mathletics helps your child learn to express Math easily to others and lets them put this skill to action in live competitions with kids from all over the world. (This was my son Taylor's favorite, he loves competition.)

Mobile: Logon to the Mathletics content using the free mobile App device, this takes learning on the go and all homework and Mathletics content downloads to the mobile App. This makes a seamless transition from computer to tablet with ease. The App is available for iOS and Android devices. We used this on our iPad and laptops.

   So after your purchase your account for your student/students you are all set to set them up with their login and get going. For us we were sent a username and a temporary password. The user name cannot be changed but we could without difficulty change the password to something they can easily remember.

  Alyx used the program mainly to sharpen his already fluent skills in Math, this subject comes easily to him, but he likes to keep his mind sharp by brushing up and drilling Math facts. So for him I just kind of let him have free range of the site to explore as he wanted and practice where he felt needed the most work. He used the ipad but mostly his laptop. He is in 10th grade just getting ready to start 11th.

  Alyx also liked to use the printable workbooks that are available for all areas in your parent portal in your Mathletics account. They are printable pdf workbooks that can easily be 3 hole punched and put into a 3 ring binder for organizational purposes.

  Taylor who is in 9th grade getting ready to enter 10th when we begin school, is a tad behind, he has caught up a ton since we began homeschooling, because we have had the opportunity to use many supplemental Math programs such as Mathletics to help practice skills he has already mastered and practice, practice and practice the skills he has continued to struggle such as Pre-Algebra and Algebra. For Taylor I like to start out low to boost his confidence while he whizzes through easy problems and slowly ease into harder and harder problems. If Taylor becomes frustrated he will give up, I try to avoid his frustration at all cost, especially in the Summer. Taylor found that he liked the Mathletics program best on the iPad, and that he liked how he could have competitions for speed and accuracy in live in events with kids from all over the world. He did well in the lower levels but struggled with speed and accuracy combined when he got to some of the higher levels.  We chose to use this as a chance to drill basic math facts which Taylor doesn't struggle with completing but often has issues performing under timed pressure. The competition element added some a needed element to make Taylor become successful in rapidly answering the questions with a minute time clock and others answering questions at the same time. He took pride when he rose to the number 1 spot and helped boost his confidence. Something I have struggled to find to help him with in the Math dept. So I give Mathletics and A+ in the confidence boost department.

   Taylor has done well with the Mathletics program and we will continue to use it as a supplemental Math program throughout our new upcoming school year which is set to start the first week of September. Mathletics is not meant to be a stand alone program, you will want to use this as an add-on for your current choice of Math curriculum. As an add-on program I think Mathletics gives you everything you need to help make your child have a successful year of Math and then some. Be sure to stay up to date with all things Mathletics related by clicking on the social media links below and also please click on the crew banner below to see what all of the Mathletics reviews from the schoolhouse review crew and their families had to say about their Mathletics Journey.

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