Tuesday, August 26, 2014

End of Summer Catch Up!!

Pin It Now!   I am sorry to say over the Summer I have been a blogging slacker. Life has been anything but calm and I am happy to say we are returning to our new normal.

   So what have we been up to? Well if you have been keeping up with my Wordless Wednesday posts you have seen a snapshot of what has been going on in life but I will try to recap it as best as possible.

   First and foremost my oldest son Nickalas graduated from High School. SO of course we had to have a party. The weather was perfect and we saw old friends that we have not seen in a while as well as the ones we see regularly. My best and oldest and dearest friend Lea was in with her twins from Texas so even they got to come too. It truly was a wonderful day.

  Grandma turned 94 and we are continually blessed by her still being with us. If you would have asked me when Nick was born if she would live to see her dream of watching him walk across the stage to get his Diploma I would not have believed it. Now she may not have truly understood what was going on but we knew she was there and we have the pictures and memories to last us all a lifetime. Now we pray she is with us to see the last two graduate as well and with only 3 years until that happens our wish may come true. Blessed we are to still have 3 generations to celebrate such momentous occasions.

  Alyx turned 16 and became a licensed driver, the first of my boys to do so. It has already been a huge help to me, he is always eager to run errands and give his poor mom a break. I am blessed.

  Alyx has also been busy with Civil Air Patrol this Summer, along with his regular meetings he also attended an Encampment, in Alpena, and Search and Rescue Academy in Grayling. Search and Rescue Academy is a HUGE accomplishment and he is now the proud bearer of the SAR Academy Patch and he is one of only 300 cadets to have this honor. It was one of the hardest things he has ever accomplished but it has truly changed him for the better, if that was even possible.

   He has also started his first REAL job, he is working at the hardware store and is completely in his element. I am so proud of how far he has come over the last few years. He recently attended a CAP field trip to the Metro Airport as well and toured Delta Airlines. He got to go in the control Tower and sit in the cockpit and first class. He is now working on his next promotion which will be to Staff Sergeant.

   Alyx is also going to be starting a class at one of the local Universities to take a Field Biology Class, he is very eager to start that.

    Nick went up to college a couple weeks ago he is now a PROUD Chip at CMU. He attended Leadership SAFARI which is a welcome week especially for Freshman and he had a blast. He is very fortunate to be rooming with one of his best friends and they share a suite with 2 other friends from their High School. They are all having the time of their lives already. I sure do miss him but text, of fb message of talk to him almost daily so that helps. I am lucky to have  him and his roomie Mike staying with me for the Holiday weekend at camp. It has been fun spending time with them.

   This is the first Summer that Alyx has not camped the whole Summer with me and it did take some getting used to but I am starting to accept the fact that my boys are all growing into Godly young men and will soon be leaving the nest and following the path God has laid out for them.

    Taylor has grown up a ton this Summer too, he is sure looking like a young man and not my little boy. I have been enjoying spending more time with just him now that the other boys are so busy and it has allowed me the opportunity to bond more with him as a young man. I recently won an Intensive class from Landry Academy for Taylor for the end of September so he will be joining me for the first leg of the last camping trip of the Season and I am hoping he will stay the whole 2 weeks with me but we will have to see, he is not much of a camper. His lab Intensive that I won was one that he picked it is a 2 day, 16 total hours all about Blacksmithing. I am so excited for him and I hope it ignites a spark in him to try other new things. We need to help find his niche so we can watch him bloom like Nick and Alyx have done. It is his turn to truly shine. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for him.

   Well I think that is all that has been exciting for us this Summer, I do have some great reviews coming up and one is a planner that every busy Mom needs and I praying it keeps me organized and in turn I will blog more once we get on our homeschool schedule. This coming week is a field trip with co-op friends to the zoo and finishing organizing our school room so we can begin our full schedule on Monday September 8. We got new desks and some new organization and we should be all set to go and it will allow us to be so much more productive.

 Until next time God Bless

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