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Analytical Grammar's Eternal Argument Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsmommas #hsreviews #analyticalgrammar

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Analytical Grammar Review

   I was intrigued by the opportunity to review a new book from Analytical Grammar called The Eternal Argument. Useful for all ages but best for teens and adults, 8th grade and up. My boys being all in High School I thought this would be perfect for them. I want them to truly think and react to what they are learning and reading not just complete their assignments and move on. I know some parents hate the teenage years but I have really been enjoying them, I love having more intellectual and grown up conversations with them no matter where we are, in the car, at the dinner table or at the school table you just never know what will be the next topic to spark discussion.

Analytical Grammar Review
The Eternal Argument sells for $24.95. 
This made for a great family read aloud for not only my homeschooled boys but my oldest who is off to college in just a few short weeks. What better gift to give him than the true understanding for Western Literature and Culture. This book teaches how to truly understand what you are reading and experiencing and how to dive into it further and explore it more in depth. 
My boys were reluctant at first but after just a few pages they were intrigued and could not wait till we could read more the next night. 

The author Robin Finley taught 8th grade English for over 30 years and in her words she feels she is pretty good at explaining stuff to a room full of 13 year olds. I tend to agree, my 14 year old is one of those kids that it is sometimes impossible to grab his attention and hold onto it for any length of time, especially if it is not a topic he is over thrilled about learning about. Literature is one of those subjects. He ended up being the one that enjoyed and got the most of The Eternal Argument. Go Figure! 

We intended to read a chapter a day a few days a week but this is not easy reading and after reading a few pages the boys wanted to sit and talk and discuss what we were reading. I was amazed at how much thought this book provoked in my boys. I LOVED it!! This was before we even got to the end of the chapter where the discussion questions were there for us. They were coming up with their own from the first day!! The actual discussion questions were a bonus! This is definitely not the book you just hand over to your teens and tell them to work through it. If you did that you would miss out on so many great conversations and opportunities of learning and discussion. Make this a priority in your homeschool life to do this as a family read aloud and discussion time. We used it during our family circle time as we already had the time set aside and it worked out perfectly. 

The book traces back to the ancient times and discusses the "Eternal Argument". Going through different periods of time as you continue on through the book. We have not spent a lot of time talking about literature, this is something that is in our plans to really dive into this fall, so this book came at a perfect time. So we can jump in feet first and do it the right way. 

This book will give you and your family the framework to open discussions of really any subject but mostly Literature and History. I really see this as a tool for all aspects of life though. You can use it during Bible time and Science and just in everyday discussions. Using simple grammar it helps dissect topics of learning and break it down into ways you can truly understand and comprehend. I cannot wait to truly put to work what we have learned when we get back into full swing in September. I have a feeling this handy book will always be on our homeschool table so that we can quickly refer to it and use it to the best of its ability. Oh the possibilities and conversations and discussions to come, I can just imagine. It almost makes me want to start full time school now, well like I said ALMOST! 
Are you ready to discuss The Eternal Argument with your teens? Order yours today or read what others are saying about it and other products from Analytical Grammar by clicking the link below. 

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