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We Choose Virtues Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsreviews #hsmommas #charactereducation

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We Choose Virtues Review
I feel that character education and training are part of our jobs as parents, I have enjoyed over the years finding valuable resources to help aid me in that job. One of the companies I like to turn to for help is We Choose Virtues. You might remember I had the opportunity to review some of their products last year. So imagine my delight when I was offered a review opportunity once again for a different product, the Youth Virtue Journal Volume 1. This journal is geared for kids 12-18 years old. So my boys being 14,15 and 17 fit right in the middle of this age range. The book sells for $17.00. Stay tuned to the end of the review for a money saving discount code. 

We Choose Virtues Review
Let me start with what is the journal and then I will tell you how we used it. This journal is 100 pages in length and covers 9 virtues The object is to use it one hour a week for 2 weeks for each of the 9 virtues so this gives you 18 weeks of lessons. Which for us is a semester. 
The virtues are as follows...
1. Attentiveness
This book is not just for parents it would be good for youth group leaders, mentors or even grandparents. This book is meant to work with the children not just give it to them to work on their own. Working together will help you grow your relationship with the children and help them to foster dreams of who and what kind of person they want to be today and in the future. Developed to originally use in the Idaho Juvenile Court System this book contains no scripture but as a Christian parent you could easily incorporate that into the curriculum. Along with the Youth Virtue Journal, I also received a Mentor Handbook, a Mentor Meeting Report Form, Youth Character Assessments, and Youth List of Memory Verses and Bible Heroes, all in PDF format. -See how easy they make it to incorporate God's word without a whole lot of extra time on your part. 

We Choose Virtues Review
I used this book with all 3 of my boys, Nick age 17, Alyx almost 16 and Taylor 14.5. My oldest son is not homeschooled and therefor is not exposed to as much biblical training and education as my younger two boys that are homeschooled so I felt this particularly important for him to sit in on with us. He just graduated from High School and will be heading off to a Secular college in a little over 2 months. My goal is for him to be able to stand strong in his Faith and Moral character and be a leader for those that have not yet turned to God. 
I had the boys keep a "journal" of their own, since we only had one copy of the Youth Virtue Journal. In reality their journal was really just a composition book that we purposed for this "class". One a week during our family circle time, which is usually on Wednesday nights, barring an unusual events, we sat down and went over the virtue for that week, keeping in mind we studied the same virtue for 2 weeks in a row. This is not something you want to speed through. You want to slowly go over the questions and answers and take time out for lots of discussion. There are many opportunities within this book to open the gateways of communication with your teens, take time to stop and embrace this open dialogue.
We not only studied this during our family circle time but I wanted to make sure the boys were diligently putting to work the virtues we were studying. This opened many opportunities for discussion, dinner time, car rides and when we ran into situations where people in the community were not exhibiting good character qualities. I used these opportunities to initiate conversations that I could use to point these situations out and ask the boys what that person could have done instead so that they exhibited character qualities that were of a Christlike Character. The journal is just the beginning step of teaching children virtues that instill Godly character. You need to take it beyond the book and out into the real world. We used the character assessments to go over what the boys learned, what they could improve on and what they felt was their strongest virtue that they currently exhibit. This really helps the kids to see how they are exhibiting Godly character and where they need to work on to be well rounded. We learned that Alyx's strongest virtue was Helpfulness while he needs to work on the virtue of Gentleness. Nickalas excels in the virtue of Perseverance but needs some work in the Helpfulness area. Taylor is top notch when it comes to Honesty but needs to brush up on his Obedience. I even went so far to assess myself, while I have many strong attributes, my strongest by far is Helpfulness but my virtue that needs the most attention is that of Contentment  Nobody is perfect but with the help of tools like the Youth Virtue Journal and all the We Choose Virtues products we can help our kids maintain a Christlike Character and keep them on their toes and help use learning opportunities to point out where the need to exhibit more effort...
In closing I feel like the Youth Virtue Journal helped open the dialogue for my kids and I and to help instill what virtues are important as they grow into young adults and start spreading their wings on their own, whether it be at college or extra curricular activities or just out in the community or simply being at home within our family. There is always going to be opportunities that arise to test your character you can choose one of two paths. You can falter and fall into the devil's trap or you can choose to stand with God and exhibit Virtues worthy of praise and help show others there is a better way. I pray each day my boys choose the path of Christ. 
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