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Progeny Press: Hunger Games Study Guide Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsreviews #hsmommas #hungergames

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Progeny Press Review

   You can read a book, or you can read and study a book and take so much more away with you when you are finished. Go one step farther and use a study guide that is written from a Christian perspective. We have had the opportunity to review study guides from Progeny Press in the past, so I did not even hesitate when offered a new review opportunity. Alyx recently watched the first movie in the Hunger Games saga. After he realized he actually did like it, he wanted to go back and read the stories. What is better than reading it? Using a study guide of course, so I was super excited when The Hunger Games study guide was one of our choices.
Progeny Press Review

    Progeny Press offers study guides for many books that are perfect for literature class in your homeschool. They have a wide range of choices that fit for Kindergarten through High School. Hunger Games is of course for High School. My boys particularly love these e-guide study guides as our choice as well as many others, but not all our completely interactive. This means that we do not need to print them out and write in them, they can be filled out in a interactive PDF. This worked well with Alyx as he was the only one working on this book, Taylor has zero interest in the Hunger Games. If you are using it for more than one child then you would need to print it out and that is perfectly acceptable to make multiple copies within your family.

    One of the things we like besides the interactive features of many of their study guides is that they are written from a Biblical perspective. I have to admit I was not completely open to this whole Hunger Games wave of excitement, and I am sure that is why Alyx was hesitant to jump on the wagon. Now he is not all crazy about it but he does actually find it interesting and enjoyable. I was very interested to see what Biblical aspects would be pointed out in the Progeny Press study guide.

  This study guide sells for $21.99 and is geared for 8-12 grades, Alyx is right in the middle in ending 10th grade. It is suggested to read the book first and then complete the study guide, each study guide can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks, this is all dependant on how your student works, and how fast they read. It took Alyx about 2.5 weeks to read the book, then he was ready to sit down and get to work on the study guide. I put the e-guide into a shared drop box folder, now that I actually know how to work that it definitely comes in handy, this way he could do the work on his laptop and I could look it over on mine. I did print the answer key out to make it a bit easier on myself so I did not have to flip back and forth between his work pdf and the answer key pdf. One of the differences between Progeny Press guides and others is the sections cover usually 3 chapters at a time, so if you are reading the book as you go along you can read through a few chapters and then work on the questions and answers for those few chapters, I know my kids tend to get annoyed when they have to bounce back and forth after every chapter, the way Progeny Press guides are set up makes everything flow so much better.

   Alyx also enjoyed that it is not just paperwork. There are additional activities that go hand in hand with the book that make it more fun than just reading a book and then answering questions. For instance in the case of The Hunger Games, there is an archery activity. Now Alyx is not much of an Archer, but it gave a chance to Taylor for him to be the "teacher" and show him some tips and pointers in the backyard with Taylor's bow and arrow and targets. Taylor enjoyed the opportunity to "show up" his brother. Sometimes being the youngest you do not get many opportunities to teach your older siblings something. This helped boost Taylor's self confidence and Alyx learned something in the process. I was pleased to see this.

    The study guides are not all that time consuming, there are usually no more than 20 questions per section, and each section covers vocabulary, reading comprehension and questions that provoke deeper thought. You do need to keep the book for the use of the study guide as you often are asked to refer back to it, for instance finding examples of similes, and flashbacks, So keep this in mind if you are borrowing the book from your library. Generally they suggest working on just one page a day which is why it would take 8-12 weeks. Alyx is wanting to work at a more accelerated pace so he can accomplish more in the last two years of High School so he generally worked on 2-4 pages a day 4 days a week. He ended up finishing the study guide in just under 5 weeks. This did not include the time it took to read the book through the first time. He ended up re-reading the book as he went along in the guide to keep his mind fresh of the events in the book. We did not have to worry about getting the book back by a due date as we borrowed it from a friend.

   There are 10 suggestions for essays at the end of the study guide, Alyx is working on deciding which topic he would like to use and will begin that next week. We have definitely stepped up the writing game this year and will continue to do so going forward into his Junior year. Having writing prompts for the study guide are definitely helpful to contribute to his continued journey of growing his writing and essay skills.

   All in all no matter which study guide you are interested in you will be sure you are giving your child/children an additional tool to aid in the comprehension of the books they are reading when you pair that with Progeny Press Study Guides. Be sure to keep up to date by following Progeny Press on all of their Social Media Outlets by clicking the links below.

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