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Trident Case Review

   When you make a BIG purchase like an iPad you want to make sure you protect it! Here's the problem though, with so many cute iPad and phone cases out on the market people tend to migrate towards them. Sure they are cute and fun but are they protecting that electronic investment. Nope, not at all! I know I have fallen into the cute trap of cases, especially if it is pink or owls! I dropped my iPad not too long ago and thankfully it survived but it is was a huge wake up call. I need a case that is effective in protecting my iPad, I affectionately call Patti! So imagine when just a few short days later I was given the opportunity to pick an iPad case from Trident Case. The one I chose is a KRAKEN A.M.S. CASE FOR APPLE IPAD 2/3/4. This case is great for users of all ages kids- adults, there are only 3 large pieces so there is no choking hazard for little users.

      Trident Case has many cases to choose from depending on your device, from iProducts to Android devices there is something for everyone. You want to pick a tough, durable case for protection of one of your most worldly possessions, you want Military Tough, you want Trident!

  Trident Case tests all of it's cases and puts them through a rigorous battery of drops and slams that are fit for Military grade items. You can bet that you can have piece of mind while you let your little one play their games or watch their movies. I know I am starting to worry more about myself damaging it since I take it everywhere than I worry about my kids. Although I have a method to my madness when it comes to my kids and my iPad or anything I don't want to share for that matter. Think Pink!! That's my motto when it comes to picking out anything, ear buds, my new mini mouse for my laptop, and most of all cases for my iPad and iPhone. I learned early on that if it is pink chances are my boys will not want to touch it. To think they often wonder if I am as smart as I claim (insert evil villain laugh here). Trident Case has a fantastic array of color choices for their cases, and yes they even have PINK! Bright HOT Pink! I was in love before I saw they had pink, and believe it or not I almost did not pick pink. I was torn between Lime Green and Orange, but that thought quickly left when I got to the pink photo, it was literally calling my name. So I digress Pink it was, besides I did not want the boys to get the wrong idea and think I wanted them using my iPad again. Where would the logic be in that. The only thing I wish is that it was a little more pink than black but it still is pretty cool. They do have other amazing options like military branch cases and custom cases too, those options are a little more money than this one, but depending on what you wanted it is worth the extra investment in my opinion. You pay all that money for the iPad and the first thing people, like me, want to skimp on is the price of the case. Now there is absolutely NO logic in that thought at all.  The KRAKEN A.M.S. CASE FOR APPLE IPAD 2/3/4 sells for $69.95 which when you consider how well made and how much protection it is offering your often $600 and up iPad that is merely a drop in the bucket.

    You know what my single most favorite thing about this fairly new, been around since 2010, company is all of their cases are made and manufactured right here in the good ole USA! I don't know about you but that is pretty important to us. Now I know you are probably thinking, "Yes, but your iPad is not a US product", and while I am fully aware of that, we still make a conscious effort to buy US when we can. I still give kudos to Trident Case for keeping it American to this day. Trident cases are also made with Biodegradable plastic, we also strive to be a green family as often as possible so this earned brownie points with me as well.  They have many options as far as device cases, color combinations and the layers of protection you are looking to get, from 1-3. There are also many accessories to choose from and they make it easy to add them to your case with a patented twist and lock method, there is a round hole in the back and all of the accessories like a stand, or a handle, or a car mount just click in place and your simply twist to lock. I know I am going an accessory or two really soon, the one I have in mind is the KRAKEN A.M.S. TABLET STAND AND HOLDER this sells for just $19.95 and it is an accessory that I miss from my cheap case that I just seem to not be able to live without. So I will be adding it soon.

  This particular case came in 3 pieces that easily snap together, now I have never been a fan of screen savers and maybe one of the reasons is they stick on, not with Trident Case they are part of the case and it is to keep clean and no worries of a sticky film when you remove it. Now it does take some maneuvering to get the pieces on mainly the hard plastic shell but it really only takes a couple of short minutes and is not a big deal at all. I engaged the help of my handy 15 year old for assembling so that I could take pictures of the process. So below you will find photos from start to finish of assembling and attaching the case.

                  Here is Patti Naked and Cold, time to get her all dolled up and protected from harm.
All 3 pieces of my Trident Case
                                  The rubber, cushion first layer

                              Next goes on the back plate which is part of it's turtle like shell.

 Alyx is carefully snapping it on and making sure the rubber bumper is properly positioned.

Now it is time to pop on the third and final piece and make sure it is all snapped on tight and in the right direction. Really it will only fit on one way so no worries.

                                       Almost done!!

All finished!! One of the features I like is how all of the ports, such as the charging port and headphone port are all covered with rubber bumpers, so if you happen to have a mishap of liquid nature your case is still covered. Now would I purposely douse it with water or something else, No Way! You never want to do that, but if it happens to get wet because of a spill on the table near it or things like that you can feel at peace knowing your covered by a Trident Case.


    Are you protecting your electronic purchases with cheap cases?? Do you want Military tough so you can have piece of mind? Order your Trident Case, as soon as you snap it on you will feel so much at ease carrying it with you, or simply letting your kids play with it too. I know I feel protected when I accidentally leave it on the arm of the couch and the dog knocks it to the ground, I no longer cringe with fear. I know it is going to be safe. Trident Safe!!

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