Sunday, May 18, 2014

Surprise!!!! Happy 70th Birthday!

Pin It Now! My Mom and I and my Aunt Sue threw my Dad a Surprise party for his 70th Birthday. His birthday is today but the party was yesterday. We had it at our favorite Chinese restaurant. There was 22 people at the party. I made the invitations and thank you cards and Got the cake. We all chipped in for one big gift and got him A Kindle Fire HD with a case. He has been using my Mom's but now he has his own and can play games and things and it is so much more portable to take to camp than his laptop.

  We all had fun, and we even got a chance to take an updated 4 generation photo with my Mom, Grandma, the boys and I. Grandma will be 94 next month. We are so blessed to still have her with us.

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signingcharity said...

Thank you for sharing the lovely day and pictures. We went to a Chinese restaraunt on my hubby's 48th birthday last month. While we were there, a family came in and the grandfather was turning a 100 that day. My hubby got to meet him and shake his hand.