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Logic of English - Essentials Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsreviews #hsmommas

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Logic of English Review


     Logic of English has become our go to for Grammar, Spelling, Writing and Reading. It is definitely an all in one curriculum. Last year we were given the opportunity to review Rhythm of Handwriting and Taylor loved it! So when I was offered the opportunity to review Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set I prayed and prayed we would be accepted. God answered our prayers!!

Logic of English Review

   The wait for our giant box filled with the curriculum was a hard task. I tried to build up the excitement for Taylor for curriculum that I know he will like if he just gives it a chance. Two areas Taylor struggles with Math and Writing. His fine motor skills are behind and it's just a constant struggle for him. Logic of English promotes that if a child struggles with writing and penmanship, you should begin with cursive, so we chose the cursive form of the curriculum. I am game for anything at this point. We just need something to work.

   When I say BIG box of stuff, it is not an exaggeration by any means.

 The set comes with...
Essentials Teacher's Manual*
1 x Essentials Teacher's Manual - Printed   +$95.00
Essentials Student Workbook *
1 x Essentials Cursive Workbook - Printed   +$25.00
Spelling Journal*
1 x Spelling Journal - Printed   +$8.00
Basic Phonogram Flash Cards*
1 x Basic Phonogram Flash Cards   +$18.00
Spelling Rule Flash Cards*
1 x Spelling Rule Flash Cards   +$15.00
Grammar Rule Flash Cards*
1 x Grammar Flash Cards   +$22.00
Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards*
1 x Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards   +$15.00
Game Book*
1 x Phonogram and Spelling Game Book - Printed   +$15.00
First Set of Game Cards*
1 x Phonogram Game Cards - Green Cursive   +$10.00
Second Set Game Cards - Common Bookface*
1 x Phonogram Game Cards - Blue Bookface   +$10.00
Quick Reference Chart*
1 x Phonogram and Spelling Rules Quick Reference   +$10.00
* Required Fields
Price as configured: $243.00

I told you it was a ton of fun packed into the box. It is a little overwhelming at first but after you get it all organized and break it down into a system, you just realize all the learning and potential that there is. No worries about finding a separate curriculum for Spelling, Writing, Grammar and Reading it is all here and all rolled into one fluid curriculum. Having it all packaged for me in one bundle does a few things, first and foremost it makes my life so much easier, I don't have to worry about forgetting something. Secondly it all belongs together so therefor it all works together without any disruptions. It FLOWS!

   Keeping things organized was easy for me as I just opened the packages and put each set of cards in a ziploc bag and then labeled it with a sharpie marker. Then I put all the bags into a basket and it fit perfectly with the books on the shelf on our bookcase. That way everything is always accessible and together.

   This is not a curriculum that is fully independent for kids to work with on their own. There is a HUGE Teacher's Manual and you really need to use it. Never fear though, it walks you through the teaching step by step. I did take a couple days to pour over it to get my head in the game so to speak. Then Taylor and I sat down and tackled the first lesson, now this curriculum is for ages 7- adult, and is set up to teach a range of abilities, so you kind of have to know where your student is and start from there. Because Taylor is 14 some of the games were a bit as he put it "lame" but with Alyx's help we made them fun and he started to actually enjoy them.

     So let's break it down by each component...
  We will start with the Teacher's Manual.

Hard covered and goes over 40 lessons, introduces the 74 basic phonogram and 30 spelling rules of the English Language. The Spelling lists include 480 of the most common words in English, and as you work through the book and build on those 480 words you are then teaching your child thousands of other words when you start building on them by adding prefixes and suffixes and making compound words. You will be amazed how all of the pieces start fitting together and when your child begins working in the workbook, we chose the Cursive one, but there is a Manuscript option as well.

   The Workbook is large as well, may be a bit intimidating, I chose to have Taylor work on his lined whiteboard for some of the exercises just to ease into it a bit. Also it easier for Taylor to erase mistakes, since he is a bit of a perfectionist. That choice is completely up to you. We worked on 1-2 lessons a day, for 3 days a week. Some lessons proved to be easier for Taylor than others, and as he began to get the hang of the cursive lettering and became more comfortable the lessons were even easier for him to tackle.

While at first he thought the games were as he says "lame" he quickly caught onto the fact that they did indeed make more boring and tedious work much more enjoyable. He has a few favorites. One being  Rotten Egg, and we often take turns playing the Cursive version and the Manuscript versions as we received both versions of the cards. 

The other one I like for them to play and they somewhat enjoy is Beat the Clock, my boys have a phobia about being timed when it comes to tests and things and I am hoping that this fun learning game will help ease that a bit. 

There are some wonderful flash cards for all areas of the curriculum that come in the set as well, some for Spelling, and others for Grammar. These are handy for the kids to drill each other with when preparing for tests or just trying to memorize, which is something Taylor struggles with too. 
         We used the Advanced Phonogram cards but the set does come with the Basic ones as well.

There is also the Spelling Journal, which works along with the Phonogram and Spelling Game book.
There is also a handy dandy Spelling Rule Quick Reference fold out laminated guide.
  This has proved to be helpful for Taylor and he keeps it at his seat and uses it for reference for all his subjects. I have seen a huge improvement in his spelling since beginning to use the guide.

We have truly enjoyed this opportunity to get back to the basics, I have to admit we sometimes focus on other things and forget to brush up on the basics that are very important. With Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set I can not only help Taylor really get the basics and put them to good use but we learned Cursive reading and writing at the same time. So much learning with a whole bunch of fun. Who could ask for anything more? Wait I have an answer for that! There's an App for more learning to go right long with the books and the games.. 
We were also given the Phonics with Phonograms App which sells for $2.99 in the iTunes App store.

Here your child can take learning phonograms one step further, with our iPad Taylor could not only see the phonograms like on the cards he could hear them as well. This added a whole new dimension for my visual learner it threw some auditory in the mix too. Taylor has a slight auditory processing disorder so this was very helpful to work on his listening and processing skills. 
There were many levels to work through and it gave him his "score" at the end showing which ones he got wrong and right. He could always get the sound repeated which came in handy when he got distracted and did not hear the sound the first time. This App is perfect for ages 4 and up.
Logic of English Review
So as you can see with Logic of English there is something for everyone. You can use this with children as young as 5 or 6 if they are already beginning to read, or for students like Taylor who need a little extra help in certain areas. Essentials from Logic of English takes writing, spelling and grammar to a whole new level with fun games and add ons that make learning fun. There are many other options from Logic of English, be sure to click the banner below and check out all of the Crew's Reviews and also follow Logic of English on all of their Social Media sites by clicking the links below as well. 

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