Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day! 2014. #mothersday #mobsociety

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My kids got me a great gift this year, I have been missing having an awning on our porch since we moved here almost 2 years ago. One of the reasons I have missed my porch is I had nowhere to hang up flower baskets. Well they solved that problem this year by buying me this...

Alyx said we need another one because now our long porch is not symmetrical. Good grief! I love them all so much. Sad to think one will be missing next year, as Nick will be away at school. I've found myself thinking a ton about how life will quickly change around here as in the next 3 years all the boys will have graduated and God only knows what he has in store for all of them. I'm truly blessed and I am totally looking forward to what the future holds for our family. 

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