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Victus Study Skills System Schoolhouse Review Crew Review 2014 #hsmommas #hsreviews #studyskills

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Victus Study Skills Review
As a homeschool parent I often wonder... Are my kids truly prepared for when they go to College or take big state standardized test? In our home state of MI we are not required to send our kids for state tests, however if my kids want to go to college they need to be prepared for the ACT and SAT tests. This not only helps them get into college it helps them secure scholarships as well, which is essential for them. That is not all their is to good study skills, what about organizing and being prepared and setting a schedule and thinking things through? All of these are important to not only test taking, but school work and life itself. I was so relieved when I was offered the opportunity to review the  Victus Study Skills System, which includes a Student Workbook and Teacher Edition
Victus Study Skills Review
The first thing myself and my kids noticed is this is not some long drawn out process, 10 Simple lessons, that as a high schooler can be completed in just one week. This is doing 2 lessons a day for 5 days. Now we chose to do only one lesson per day for 2 weeks since we already have a full work load, especially since this is the end of our traditional school year, so we like to keep it on task as much as possible while still maintaining our short days. Especially now that the weather is finally getting nice. 

     So let's start with the Teacher Edition, sometimes people wonder "Do I really need to spend the extra money on the Teacher's book?" The answer is quite simple, YES! In this system the Teacher Edition is Key! It sells for $40 and is instrumental in helping teach the lessons to the student. The Teacher's guide has the Introduction, the philosophy of the system. This is an important component as this study system is different than most, not only will this help your children in the classroom, but it will help change the way they live their life. Victus in Latin means Way of Life. Next we have the teacher instruction, how you can use the system to teach your child or children and how to implement the system in other aspects of life. Thirdly we have the actual lessons, there are 10 lessons in all each lasting about 30 minutes, like I said we did 1 lesson a day for 2 weeks but you could easily do 2 lessons lasting an hour total and knock this out in a week. If time allows for you and your schedule. Lastly is the Appendix, here you will find additional resources to help reinforce the skills your student in learning while going through the system. Also you will find a small sampling of each lesson from the student text so that you may refer to it so you know what your student is working on.

Victus Study Skills Review

         The second book we received is the Student Workbook, this sells for $20. This is where your students will complete their lessons. Putting to work the skills you have taught using your Teacher's Edition. This is also part of the 30 minute lesson. So as you can see this is not a long torturous process like other study programs, which most kids fuss about using. My kids did not grumble about completing their assignments and lessons,which is usually what happens when I approach them with curriculum such as this. This in itself was a bonus, I like to have whine free- stress free days, how about  you?

    The Victus Study Skills System is geared for Middle School and High School aged students, my boys being in 9th and 10th grades were perfect for this. The Table of Contents which can be found on the product page helps give you an overview of what is covered. The system is very helpful to your unorganized student, teaching how to schedule their time wisely both by week and month as well as you can break it down further by day. My youngest son Taylor is a very disorganized person this has helped him to be much more productive. Teaching time management and listening and note taking are just a few of the main components of the system. Alyx pretty much has most of this down pat, he is a very organized individual who does not waste time, so we mainly used this with Taylor with Alyx just sitting in on the actual lessons.
Victus Study Skills Review
  The Goal setting strategies were I think my favorite and helped Taylor make a plan of what he wants to accomplish not only for his High School days but into the future, I think it would be fun to redo this when he is a Senior and see if he has met his goals or see how they have changed, This activity I had Alyx do as well and I am going to have him redo it before graduation as well.  At the end there is a test going over all the skills they have learned and implemented through out the book. Taylor did exceptionally well and I was overall very impressed in both the Victus Study Skills System and how Taylor adapted to it and has been putting what he learned into his day to day life and is on the road to making what he learned lifelong habits, or so I hope. I have been pleased in the changes I have seen in him since finishing. He plans out his day, and his week and looks ahead to what is due coming up. He has always been a wait until the last minute kind of person and I have seen small changes in that respect that I hope continue onto big changes.

   There are other products that go along with the Victus Study Skills System that we did not get a chance to review but you can check them all out on their website...http://www.studyskillssystem.org/
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