Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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Outside my window... It's dreary one minute, sunny the next, we have a chance of rain everyday this week. Spring Gotta Love it!

I am thinking... I should get dressed and motivated, but this dreary weather makes it darker than normal and everyone is still sleeping, except for Dave who left for work and Nick who left for school. Gram was up at breakfast and went back to bed. It is so peaceful even the dogs are snoozin.

I am thankful... for being able to spend the past weekend with my good friend Sarah, we met through the schoolhouse crew a couple years ago online and then in person for the first time last year at convention, now it is our annual trip that we both look forward to every April. We were meant to be friends, we are so much alike and really understand each other. It is like we have known each other forever.

In the kitchen... I am thinking of putting something in the crockpot. Other than that not anything going on in there.

I am wearing...My Pajamas still.

I am creating...Nothing right now but have some plans to get busy on something soon.

I am going...to a baby shower this weekend for a lifelong friend of the family. Alyx's Godmother's daughter Veronica, is having her first baby, a little boy. I am so excited for her and it is the first grand-baby for Sylvia too.

I am wondering... If it is ever going to get warm and stay warm outside.

I am reading...nothing at the moment

I am hoping...The weather is nice for Nick's graduation party, we are planning it at a park and I am a little worried with how unpredictable our weather has been around here, but hey its the end of June it is bound to improve soon, right?

I am looking forward to...All of Nick's end of school activities, Honors night, Graduation, his party and next week a Scholarship award dinner.

I am learning... to take it slower, life moves way to fast, blink and it speeds on by.

Around the house...it is quiet, remember everyone is still snoozin.

I am pondering...changing things up around here, chore wise, we do this every so often to keep the family interested in helping out.

A favorite quote for today...
Re-directed to something better
One of my favorite things... Is being able to hear everyone snoring peacefully, even the dogs.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Not a whole lot for a change. I am enjoying the down time it doesn't happen to often.

A peek into my day...Look what I won at the homeschool convention last weekend.

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